Saturday, September 17, 2011

Christopher's first letter :)

Hey!! Sorry I haven't e-mailed you guys yet, but today is my P-Day and we only get to e-mail on Tuesday. How's it going?? I thought I would e-mail you because I wasn't sure what mom's e-mail was. Did you guys get my letter? I think I sent it 3 days ago I can't remember. How's school going Bryce? Are the chicks treating you good? Fill me in! I'm so busy in the MTC it's crazy! Not a second of time is wasted, we always have something planned. But I think I'm getting used to the schedule and waking up at 6:30, although I definitely miss sleeping in til 12 ha. I am loving it here, my companion and my district are the coolest elders. Everyone gets along good so it's been really cool. I learn so much everyday, when I look back at the first day I got here to now it's crazy how much you learn. I can pray and bear my testimony in Spanish, and we taught our third lesson to our "investigator" yesterday in full spanish. It's still kind of hard to get across what you want to say but the spirit guides you with that. You really have to rely on the spirit to touch your investigators, making sure and testifying of what you know is true is very important. It's what will bring the spirit to the lesson. Every Tuesday night there's a devotional and a general authority comes, and there's been a lot of talk that it's going to be la profeta but that seems a little crazy. The past two weeks Elder Holland and Elder Ballard have come and spoke. So who knows. Thanks so much for the packages mom! Those shoes, the book on Peru, the notebooks, sunglasses, and yo-yo are going to be so nice to have. How's everything going at home? I really liked the Dear Elder's i've got from you guys! Joel and Evan, thanks so much for the Dear Elder that was so nice hearing from you (: I hope you guys are liking the basketball hoop! To answer your questions, I love it in here, we've played a lot of basketball and some soccer, sadly I don't get to ride a bike :'( you guys got a new fishing pole? You had better catch some big ol' trout and send some pictures, and I'm hoping that I get to fish in Peru that'd be so awesome. That was fun going fishing up at Silver Lake and at Solitude. It feels so surreal that I'm on my mission, I can't even believe it. The time after you guys dropped me off til Sunday felt like it took forever, it felt like I had been here for 3 weeks and not 3 days! But time has started to pick up and I think it has to do with the fact that you have to get used to the schedule and everything. How's the pinball? I loved playing pinball with you guys I miss playing them, hopefully by the time you guys get back you'll have Medieval Madness? Haha. Did you guys watch the U of U game, I didn't here about the game til yesterday. Correct me if I'm wrong but U of U: 54 BYU:10? That's so awesome, I thought it'd be a closer game than that. It's funny because it's like were leaving in our own little town where you don't hear about anything that goes on in the outside world. I don't even feel like i'm in Provo. I've seen Josh, Craig, Kash, Zach Myers, and kids from high school you wouldn't know but it's been so awesome seeing my friends again. Josh and I are in the same residency/dorm building but on different floors but we hang out and talk a lot, it's the best. It's sometimes so crazy in the dorm rooms, we have a good time. All the Elders are so funny. I want to print off some pictures and send them to you guys but the printer here is busted, but I should have some pictures sent to you guys in the next week I think. Also I guess a lot of the Elders and Hermanas that are going to Peru haven't been getting their visas to go to the Peru MTC, so it made me nervous that my visa won't come and i'll be staying in the Provo MTC until I head out to Chiclayo. But I'm hoping and praying it comes in on time! I was thinking a lot about the night I got set apart as a missionary and how spiritual is was, such a cool experience. The blessing that Pat gave me has been very helpful to me, I was a little confused as to why he said "forget your family" and it made me feel horrible to think that. I think of you guys everyday, and love you very much. I know that through obedience and faith that you'll be blessed and protected. The main thing I worry about is that you'll all be safe when I get back but I know that Heavenly Father will protect you guys as well as me in my endevors on my mission. I pray for you guys every night and morning. That letter that mom wrote that was from Ava was so awesome and spirtual, thanks for that mom. I got 5 minutes left to write. Make sure and send me some pictures of the family! I want to see pictures of you guys doing fun stuff without me haha! I was thinking how awesome it will be if you guys come down to Peru to pick me up when my two years is up, how cool would that be? I'm so excited to get to know the people on a more personal level and love them. Even our fake investigator that we have I find myself caring a lot for him, and then I remind myself he isn't even a real person haha. So far this has been the best experience, I can't even explain enough. It's so weird and cool to have to worry about nothing but what you're here for. I can say I definitely feel family members watching out for me daily, and I feel that comfort. It's so awesome. I've got 1:10 minutes left but I love you guys sooooo much! <3 Don't forget to write, Yo se que la iglesia es verdad!
-Elder Christopher :D

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