Tuesday, October 11, 2011

0ct. 4th letter

Hey how's everything going? I really have enjoyed all the food and stuff you've sent me its the best, and thanks a ton for sending those scriptures those are perfect they're exactly what I needed. Everything is going really good right now in the MTC, still learning tons of Spanish and Doctorine everyday. My visa still hasn't come, so I'll just be waiting til it comes I guess. If it doesn't come before my nine weeks here are up, then they'll reassign me somewhere in the United States that's spanish speaking til my visa arrives, somewhere like AZ, CA, or NV I don't know though. I'm praying that it comes very soon I really wanna go the Peru MTC, I think if I went there I would learn spanish so much quicker than I would here. That's mainly where a lot of my stress comes. But I have to say that Spanish is a way better structured language then English and more practical. So I think it i'll come fast. I'm am so blown away at how fast I have been learning in here, it's so weird it has to be because of the Holy Ghost. It's so cool. I've been playing a lot of Basketball whenver we have gym time, and that's the best it helps me relax and blow off steam from the day. And temple walks are really awesome too, to get off the MTC campus and go out in the real world ha. It sometimes feels like I'm living in this bubble but the leaves are changing on the mountains and it's so pretty. Conference, it was so awesome I learned a bunch and it was super spiritual. Did you guys watch conference? What was your favorite talk?? I really liked hearing from the prophet he's super funny, it's cool when you see the human side to the prophet and apostles of God. But yeah conference weekend was super relaxing and awesome. We've been teaching our fake investigators Laura and Rancho and it's been going really good. My spanish in the lessons is getting a lot better and I can get my message across a lot better now. My companion leaves tomorrow for the Peru MTC so i'll probably end up with Elder Eberhard his comp left yesterday for the Peru MTC so we'll get paired up most likely. I'm so busy lately so this last weekend was nice to not have to do as much as we normally do. We literally are doing something every minute of the day so it makes the days fly by. I can't believe I've already been here for three weeks it feels likes you just dropped me off yesterday it's weird. My teachers are super awesome and have been super helpful. I loved the pictures that Joel, Evan, and Eli sent me! How'd you guys like the pictures I sent? I was wondering if they'd get there or not sounds like they did though. Sorry it took me so long to get them too you, the printer finally got fixed. Well I'm running short on time, I spent a little bit of time emailing judi, colton denning, and mitch. But I'm gonna write some letters today so you should get some from me by tomorrow I think? I'll also send a picture or two (: Thanks for everything that you do for me! I'm so blessed to have the family I do, read scriptures and pray everynight. We teach this a lot ot our "investigators" that God loves you and he wants to hear from you, it's nice to think about it like that. So make sure and pray, family prayer is the best I loved when we would do it as a family. Well i'm 2 minutes over my alloted time but i'll send some pictures and letters today!! Love you!!
-Elder Christopher 

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