Monday, December 19, 2011

Familia! Dec 12th

Another week has come and gone! Time is going by really fast for me right now, we had a good week. We´re are continuing to work hard and try and be as effective as possible. Pacori and I get along really well, and he´s been such a big help to me right now with everything.

Looks like Utah has quite a bit of snow from the pictures that you sent me, did the resorts open on Thanksgiving? The Christmas decorations you have set up look sweet! As well as the pictures of the moon, that looks really cool! There was a lunar eclipse? Also the pictures of Bryce and Jr-Jazz look pretty sweet, how is Jr-Jazz? How many games has your team had? Jr-Jazz was the best, and church ball haha. Ava looks like she is doing really good and happy! The pictures of the boys are always funny, they look like they´re enjoying themselves. Have you guys been able to go sledding or snowboarding yet this winter. You had better go a lot, I am gonna miss going snowboarding but it´s cool here the mountains are nice and remind me of home.

How was the company party? It was at memory grove, sounds like that was pretty fun. Brandon is home? That`s crazy, times flys. Right now for me the days are flying I can´t believe it´s been a whole month now since I left the CCM. I really want to enjoy all the time I have on the mission, you don´t get to many chances like this. Craig is sick? That´s crappy, but I am glad he´s feeling better now. I have felt really good, and haven´t been sick yet. I do get a little bit of allergy problems but I have the Zyrtec mom packed me so I just take that and feel a lot better. You guys went to the surfing place? That`s sweet, that was fun when we all went there.

So this week we had a lot happen. We had two baptisms yesterday, Hermana Sebastiana and Hermana Yovanna. Both of them are really nice. Sebastiana has a lot of problems with her family as well as she has random seizures i´m not sure what you call that. We were actually going over the baptism questions in her house and she had a seizure it was scary, but it happens a lot I guess and she was fine within 5 minutes. Sadly Sebastiana didn´t make it to church yesterday for her confirmation. So she´ll get the Holy Ghost next Sunday. She is really hard to work with and her sons as well as her husband have problems with Alcohol. It´s a big problem here, the people like to drink a lot. My companion has been doing this program for people with Alcohol addictions he was doing before I got here and it helps the people a lot. Hermana Yovanna is really cool, all of her family are members so she was the last of her family to be baptized. Another problem here is that a lot of people need to be married. The 24th of December we have two families that are getting married, we have to do an activity in order to raise money for them because they can´t afford it. Our pension sells bread out of their house, and they have a sweet set up for making a lot of bread, and were going to make bread and sell it to the members in our ward to raise money. Israel and Dilma are one of the families that need to be married and we found them last week I think, but they´re are so nice and humble. Israel is 23 I believe and were going to work with them this next week to have his marriage on the 24th as well as his baptism and his wife´s baptism in the same day! Were pretty excited about it. And were hoping that it all works out. We also have been working a lot on inviting people to baptized in the first lesson we have with them. And commiting them to action, and were seeing it help a lot. It´s been really spiritual for me to see people prepare themselves to be baptized, and recieve the Holy Ghost. I have had some struggles with the language and being able to teach really well, and I know it will come with time. I get frustrated with myself but I know it just takes time haha. I am really trying to teach simply and plainly, it´s easy to do when I can´t get very detailed with what I talk about. I am really enjoying myself, and I am finding that I am happier when we are working hard.

I am so excited to talk to you guys on Christmas, we may be able to get to talk through Skype i´m not sure I can find out and let you know next week in my email and we can get it figured out. I am going to try and send a package to you guys something small I think, we may have some time to do that today we´ll see. It won´t get to you guys til January probably ha! Christmas here is pretty cool they have Christmas lights and stuff, but they eat a lot of Paneton its fruit bread and its disgusting! Haha. Well I´ll talk to you guys next week! Thanks for everything that you do for me I am so blessed with the family I have :) Love you!! I am writing some letters to you today! BYEE!!


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