Monday, December 19, 2011

Feliz Navidad! Dec 19th

So things are going really good here, and were continuing to work hard. Those pictures make it look like it´s freezing in Utah right now haha! Winter time was the best I loved last year going snowboarding and such. The family party with the Christophersons looked fun, the pictures are sweet. Tell everyone I say hi! Bryce is in Disneyland right now? I´m jealous that sounds fun, that was the best when we went. I love Disneyland ha, that´s nice of the Skousens to take him along. That´s a bummer to hear you guys are feeling sick right now, get feeling better! The flu is the worst. Chinese food for Christmas? That sounds so good, I am thinking I am going to get sick of eating rice, chicken, and potatoes but for now it´s okay. I eat a ton of bread haha at our pension they make really good bread, I think I am gaining weight I´m not sure. I hope not haha. The pension is making a lot of Paneton (fruit cake) for Christmas time here, it´s so popular but I hate it haha. It taste horrible. Your looking for another Dog mom? Does dad know about this? Haha. I´d be surprised if Dad lets you get another dog. But that would be good for Lulu to have another dog in the house. Is she potty trained yet? Dumb dog haha.

This week was really busy, and were working really hard to get this family married and baptized on the 24th. Israel and Dilma, they´re really cool and super nice. Israel is a stud, he has a lot of faith and has a testimony of our message. Although yesterday they didn´t attend church, I guess Israel was with his friends drinking. It was a bummer for us to hear about that, we just went over to their house with the bishop in our ward. We talked with them, and he still wants to be baptized although he feels bad about drinking on Saturday and it caused him to not want to come to church. We resolved some of his doubts and were going to get everything squared away for their baptism and marriage. We also were searching through some old teaching records and found this girl, her name is Luciana. She´s 17 and her dad is a member and is active but her mom is inactive right now. She is really cool and has desires to be baptized and make some changes in her life. We set her baptism for the 24th and she is really excited about it.

I am learning how important baptism is and recieveing the Holy Ghost. I can remember when I was 8 and dad baptized me and I got the Holy Ghost, but I didn´t really understand it then. The Gospel of Jesus Christ faith, repentance, baptism, recieving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end is essencial for us in our short life here on the earth. The only way to return to live with Heavenly Father again is through Jesus Christ.

So I got your guy´s package! I am super excited to open up my Christmas presents from you guys, and the pictures and the sour punch straws were delicious. I love that candy. The leaders of the zone told me i have two other packages coming I am super excited to get.

So when I call on Sunday, I will probably call from a phone first but I want to do a video chat through Skype. It´s free and I think it would be sweet to be able to talk that way. You have my laptop and you would be able to do a video chat from my laptop. My username: chriscc89 or search christopher connelly. You guys will have to make a username on skype as well and we can probably get that figured out while we talk on the phone and get it all squared away. The program should be set up on my laptop but you may need to update it i´m not sure. Have dad download and install it if it´s not on there or needs a program update. In the house we live at the family is leaving for Christmas so i´ll be able to use their computer with the video camera and all that. You guys would want to do a video chat more than a phone call right? For me it´s easier and also free this way, I think it would be cool this way.

Love you guys!! Can´t wait to talk to you on Sunday, thanks a bunch for the package and tell Grandma marian thanks for the package as well!! I recieved hers when I got the one from you guys! Love you!!


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