Monday, February 20, 2012

Feliz Ano Nuevo! Jan 2, 2012


Happy new years! Sounds like you guys had a pretty fun new years party with the Goodmans. The pictures looked sweet. Go figure that Joel would fall asleep before midnight haha.

Here in Cajamarca the people celebrate it by drinking a lot of alcohol haha, just about everywhere else in the world. Here it´s pretty bad though the people here are very heavy drinkers. We had to be in our apartment by 7:30pm instead of 9:30pm. There has been two other elders living in our apartment since Friday, we have two more Elders in our ward now. We played Uno for a while and just hung out in the apartment. The new Elders are really cool, Elder Canales de Lima and Elder Santana de Argentina. Were excited to have two more elders in the ward, are area is huge and there is definitely a ton of work to be done so two elders more is going to be very helpful. But yeah new years was pretty fun, we went and got pizza from Pizza Hut and a bucket of chicken from KFC in The Quinde in Cajamarca. It´s the only place here to get real fast food, we brought the food back to our apartment and played uno and ate haha. The streets were full of people all night, new years is just one big party for them it´s crazy.

So as far as the work goes, the couple Hno Irael and Hma Dilma were married on Saturday and baptized immediately after their marriage. It was so awesome, we have been working really hard with them! So it was nice to see the fruits of your work. I am really excited for them and the changes that they are making in their lives to make the first steps torward following Christ. They have two kids and I know that through The Gospel their family is going to be strengthened. It was definitely hard to get them all squared away for their marriage though haha, we had to send a member from the ward to different small towns to get their birthcertificates. We sent this member to two different towns out of Cajamarca a total of about 12 hours of travel time between all the traveling. We were very grateful for the sacrifices she made, so that we could get all the paper work for their marriage! Irael has a lot of faith and I know will be a faithful member of the church and follower of Christ, his wife also knows that the Gospel is going to strengthen their family. I am sure that Heavenly Father is preparing people to hear the Gospel, and I saw that through them. It´s funny how sometimes I will be really bummed out or tired, and other times your on high and so happy. It´s so awesome though. We have a couple of kids that want to be baptized but we are yet to talk with their parents to get permision, we hope there are no problems there. I will send some pictures this next week of the marriage and the baptism and all of it!

My companion and I are becoming a lot closer, and I understand a little bit better the personality of Pacori. It helps me a lot to put my self in his shoes and see how it would be for him. One thing really important is the unity between your companion and yourself, without it you can´t teach or do anything. Your companion is your best friend and your with them 24/7 so whatever it is that makes your companionship work you should do. One thing that my teacher in the Provo MTC told me that I thought was important, was that with your companions you have to look for the best qualities of each companion and never look at the things that you don´t like. There will always be something that you maybe don´t like about someone, but it´s best to look past it and see what´s makes them a good person. If that makes any sense! Haha.

I feel really bad I didn´t send a package for Christmas and I hope that I can send something in the following month. I hope that I get to stay here in Cajamarca for another change at least or three at most. I love it here and don´t want to leave haha. I am going to send a small envelope with like 5 letters in it and hopefully you guys could send them out to my friends. I can only send two letters a month through the mission for free. Any others I want to send are 7 solace a letter!! It´s not worth it. On a side note, something funny that made me think of Dad was I was walking in the street and we walked by a house that was playing music. They always have music going I feel like anywhere you go. They were playing Milli Vanilli "Girl you know its true", it made me crack up. Sorry again about the pictures I will for sure send a picture this next week. As far as a iPod charger goes it would be nice to have one if you could send one maybe, I can buy one here though it doesn´t matter. I figured that you guys would want to hear a summary of the week rather than emailing back and forth let me know what you guys think is better! Love you!!


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