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What's Up! Jan 30, 2012


I had an awesome week! And we had a ton of success in our area and with the ward and everything.

Hahah Joel is making plans for when I come home? He´s gonna have to wait another 19 months until I come home, that´s weird to think about how much time that is. For me right now though the time is absolutely flying, I can´t believe it. ´

The bugs aren´t biting me as bad as they were but I definitely need to do something about it, I have never seen bed bugs in my life so it´s been new haha. Awesome news about the Wrights that will be awesome for them, they are awesome I got a letter from David I still need to write him back! Don´t worry about anything other than the pants, I was just thinking how I wish I would have brought them with me!

Bryce got to go boarding huh? And wrecked? He was probably faking it hahah. I miss the snow and snowboarding so much! Any time we see some kids in the street skateboarding or something I always think about skateboarding out in front of our house hah. As far as thrills´s been pretty thrilling walking around in our area hah random stuff happens all the time. For example, the other the day we were hiking the endless stairs up to an investidigator and a dog start chasing me up the stair and biting my ankles haha. There is a million dogs here just roaming the streets haha.

The stories about the drunk people you told me make me think of the people that live here. For these people drinking is a serious addiction and people can be drinking for weeks straight, there is a couple of drunk people we always see and they´re always drinking it´s sad. And there are people that sincerely want to quit drinking but they can´t do it for themselves, I talked a lot about this with Elder Pacori he knows a lot with the Alcohol program and such.

That´s cool to here about the bishop visiting connor dehlin, how is the bishop doing these days? Wow cool to hear about your friend Giavanna that knows someone from Cajamarca maybe you could shoot me her address or name or a way to contact her. Is she a member???

So as far as this week goes, we are continuing to work really hard with the members and strengthen the ward unity. We had three baptisms; Juan Carlos (26), Mercedes (42), and Obdulio (72). They are all so awesome and were completely prepared to be baptized. Juan Carlos is a refrence of a member of the ward and the second visit with him we invited him to be baptized and set a date for 28th and he accepted without doubting it at all. It was so sweet, and he has friends in the ward which is important. There is a hand off after we teach and baptize someone the members need to step in and be friendly and inviting to the recent converts. Hermana Mercedes is also a refrence in the ward, and she also was ready to be baptized we did the same with her as we did with Juan Carlos invited her to be baptized and she accepted for the 28th. She did have a doubt though, we were prepping her for her baptismal interview and teaching her the commandments. We taught about Tithing and she had a lot of doubts about it, we returned a day later and she was still doubtful about it. We talked for about 45 minutes shared every scripture we could think of so that she´s understand. And in the middle of the lesson she asked if we would wait for five minutes. It was kinda of random and a little weird. She came back and didn´t have any doubts and said "that yeah im going to baptized". It was kind of random, but later we found out when she was sharing her testimony in church that during that five minutes she left to go pray and ask Heavenly Father if she should be baptized she said in her testimony that she felt something that she couldnt explain but that was a peace and calm feeling. It was so awesome to hear her testimony. With Hermano Obdulio it was tough to teach him because he doesnt understand very well he is pretty old. But we taught super simple and he also had the desire to follow christ in his life he also is a refrence. It was funny I was able to baptize him and Juan Carlos. And when I baptized Obdulio I was explaining to him how the baptism will be, and we got into the baptismal font and I put my hand up at the square and he tried to dunk himself in the water haha. He didnt understand that I had to say the baptismal prayer before haha, it was funny. The water was freezing cold too luckily no one had problems. We baptized in the stake center with all the missionaries and their investigators it was sweet i´ll send a picture. We also had a activity in the ward that same night and acted for all the investigatores and a bunch of members as well. It turned out super funny but also really disorganized but it made it funny.

I am enjoying myself and learning so much I can´t believe all the experiences I am having and how the mission is going to influence my life after. I´ll send pictures next week! Love you guys!!


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