Monday, February 20, 2012

Cambios Feb 13, 2012

I feel like everytime I write you guys it`s the same things over and over again, haha the experiences on the mission. But I feel like everyday on the mission is different and I learn something new. But sorry if my letters are boring haha.

So sounds like Dad is staying busy with things at work, Bryce is learning to drive (not with the CRV right?) haha, and the kids are staying busy too with school and everything. It`s good to hear grandma Bonnie is doing good, but it`s a bummer to hear that Grandma Terri has the flu I hope she gets feeling better it`s always tough to stay healthy during the winter.

So this week we had changes and I am with Elder Velarde (I sent some pictures of him I think). He`s a pretty cool guy, really easy going and we get along good. He`s 20 and from Arequipa in south Perù. I`m still in the same ward here, Zona: Cajamarca Barrio: Cajamarca. I love it here in the ward the members are awesome. I don`t ever want to leave haha, I think I`ll probably be here for another change after this 5 weeks. So another three months i`m hoping, we`ll see though haha. I think every day how lucky and blessed I am with a pension, a member that does our laundry, and a super nice apartment. All we have to do is work and everything else is taking care of for us ha.

So we had another baptism this week Hermana Elohisa (I sent a picture of her with her son and us four elders). Her son Paul is a recent convert, he was baptized three weeks ago. And yesterday baptized his mom! So awesome, he`s super cool and it`s been cool to see the change and progress of everyone of our converts. It was funny the hermana told us that we need to have hot water for her baptism or she wouldn`t be able to be baptized because she`s sick right now. So we told her yeah of course we`ll take care of it. In our chapel the heater for the baptismal font doesn`t work haha, so the bishop told us he`s get it fixed for her baptism. On saturday he told us that ya it`s fixed don`t worry about it haha. And yesterday we filled up the baptismal font and tried to heat it and it didn`t work of course. So we had to fill up the font halfway with cold water and we went to Los Baños del Inca to get hot water, and brought tanks and buckets to fill up with hot water. We left after sacrament and came back after church had just got over. And filled the font with the hot water, but it didn`t really help at all. Haha, but nonetheless the hermana was baptized along with two other hermanas of the other elders in our ward. It was sweet that she was baptized and her son baptized her!

Also today we went Llacanora for P-Day (I also sent some pictures of that as well). It was soooo freaking cool, the waterfalls and everything. It felt so much like Utah it was so pretty. It`s so awesome to be in the mission, but on top of that to be able to visit and be in such an awesome city makes it so much better haha. There were two pretty good sized waterfalls that we got to visit. We also played soccer this morning with the members from our ward and converts it was fun.

Also this week is La Carnaval in Cajamarca 18-20 of February, when everybody is our drinking and doing all sorts of stuff. Waterfights and throwing waterballoons a lot of times. I was walking in the street the other day and got pegged by a waterballoon by a couple of little kids haha. It`s pretty crazy apparentally during the 18th-20th. On the 18th the craziest day of the three the ward is leaving cajamarca to go to a little town apart from Cajamarca where it`s more relaxed and not so crazy. We can`t leave our apartment to proselyte during those three days, so we got permission from the mission president to leave with the ward on that little trip for the day. I guess were just going to hang out in this little town and play soccer I don`t really know. It should be pretty sweet!

Thanks for the package, I got the stuff you guys sent me. It was a cool late christmas present haha. Thanks for the letters and everything, I wrote some letters with more detailed stuff of what is going on here. LOVE YOU GUYS!


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