Monday, May 14, 2012

Feb 20th Los Carnavales

How`s it going in Utah? Looks like you guys are getting a lot more snow now, which is good! Haha. To answer some of the questions you guys have, I`m doing good, my comp is really cool, the bed bugs keep biting me haha but not too much, I hope I come home soon too (but I still want to enjoy the time I have here :D 19 months haha), the waterfall was about twenty minutes out of the town I`m in, the members are doing really good, I have friends too, and I like the food I ate Seviche today but it was chicken soaked in lime juice. I got super sun burnt today haha, I forgot to wear sunscreen haha! So this was the week of Los Carnavales and it`s been pretty crazy here in Cajamarca, the people are drinking everywhere, having waterfights in the streets, and painting everything the streets the cars and other people ha. We haven`t been able to work very well because for the 18th-20th we couldn`t leave our apartment because of Los Carnavales. On the 18th we left with the members of the ward up to a little town to play soccer and hang out where it`s less crazy hah. It was pretty fun and relaxing. I guess the 18th is the craziest day out of the three. Where people are throwing paint everywhere, the streets were covered in paint until it rained. It rains so much here pretty much every day it keeps it nice and cool. On the 17th we did changes with the zone leaders like we do every change, and I was able to learn a lot from Elder Monzon. He came with me in our area for one day and it`s pretty much so that the zone leaders can see how the work is that were doing. We have two baptisms for this week, we hope anyways. One is Hermano Roger (21 years old) he is awesome, the younger brother of Paul and the son of Elohisa two of our converts. He has problems with alcohol but tells us that he`s going to change his life and follow Christ, he`s going to have a lot of challenges but I think he can do it. We also have Hermano Arcenio (14 years old), he`s a cool little kid. He told us "me quiero bautizar" so were going to keep working with him so he can be baptized, he only needs the permsion of his parents but he also told us that he drinks a little bit and asked us if he could drink after he is baptized! Hahah. It`s crazy how young people start drinking. It was a bummer we were in the street walking to our pension and we saw Juan Carlos one of our converts during the Carnavales and he was straight up drunk with his buddies. He also told us that he was ready to change his life and quit living his life the way he has been, it was so sad to see that he was drinking. Were going to try and talk with him and see what`s going on. I was pretty bummed out though. This week I was thinking a lot about how whenever you`re feeling bummed out or down on yourself you can think about what you have, the little things that you take for granted. Mom was always good to remind me of what I have, haha. Since I`ve been in Cajamarca i`m yet to really get down on myself so far the mission has been freaking pimp I love it. The city and all that we have to just work hard. But sometimes I get a little bummed out for little things and it`s really good to count your blessings. You are able to learn so much out here, everyday is a learning experience. I`m hoping that they keep me here forever in Cajamarca haha, I`ll have to serve in Chiclayo at one point but it`s so awesome here the members, and everything I love it. I`m going to write some letters today for reals, and actually get them sent out by tomorrow I hope! I have a lot of people that I need to write! I love you guys! :DD

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