Monday, May 14, 2012

Feb, 27th Una otra semana

-Family Another good week here in the field! I`m doing good and enjoying every second that I have here. How are you guys doing? That boat race sounds really cool haha, I hope you guys have video of it so I can see! Haha. Was it super cold up at Provo lake haha. It`s been pretty nice weather here it continues to rain almost everyday hah. I can`t believe Bryce is driving around on the freeway so weird, and that he`s 16! Freaking crazy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYCE!!! Sorry I can`t really wish you a happy birthday other than through an email...enjoy High School and watch out for those chicks they`re nothing but trouble! Hahah. And also take care of the CRV I don`t want to come home and find out that the CRV has been destroyed haha! But serious enjoy the times you`ll have in High School. Tell Eli that the Yeti lives in the mountains by our house, I see him everyday when were tracting and he`s interested in hearing more from the missionaries (: haha. It is funny how there is a million dogs in the street it doesn`t suprise me that Josh has the same problems, you definitely need to watch out for yourself in the street or you`ll get chased down haah. I have been able to use my iPod I love it I want to figure out a way to put more music on it, I want some other music as well. As far as the bed bugs go, all the missionaries tell me that you`ll have problems your whole mission but were going to buy some stuff to help us with that problem. The time continues to fly everyweek...i`ll have been out about 6 months now. So crazy. Just like I say everyweek in my letters you learn something new everyday and you have to cherish the time you get here. Also something cool is Elder Uzeda is coming this week on Thursday to meet with the missionaries he`s from the chorum of the seventy, so that should be really cool. This week we had the baptism of Roger the son of Hermana Elohisa! Practically the whole family is members except for the dad of Roger but Elohisa and her husband are divorced and he doesn`t seem very interested to listen. But it`s been so cool to see the change and watch the process of conversion of this family! I hope Roger doesn`t have any problems with alcohol now but the members are really doing a good job to befriend him and he always goes to the ward activities so there shouldn`t be any problems. His older brother Paul was baptized four weeks ago and he is super strong in the church, as well as the mom Elohisa. All thanks to the members that always help us out! For this week we may have a baptism his name is Yuri he`s 16 (another reference of a member). We had a lesson with him about a week ago when I was on changes with one of the zone leaders in our area, and Yuri told us that he recieved the answer to his prayer about Joseph Smith and the Restauracion it was music to my ears! Haha. He just needs to get a couple of buddies inside of our ward, and we need to prep him a little bit more so he can be baptized he`s awesome though. We also have been teaching his mom but she has a lot of doubts, but is supporting her son Yuri in his decision to be baptized. Things are going good here in the area we never have to worry about not having people to teach so it`s been super nice, like I say all thanks to the members that help us out. I`ll be shooting out some letters tomorrow or today I`m thinking, as well as to some of my friends! LOVE YOU GUYS, talk to you next week :D -Christopher

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