Monday, May 14, 2012

Conferencia Genral April 2nd, 2012

was sweet to get the pictures and the email from you guys. Sounds like Dad and Bryce are enjoying themselves down in Arizona with Corey, I wish I was down there so I could show them how to ride a fourwheeler haha. That´s a bummer that the kids and Mom are sick, i´ve been lucky so far in the mission and haven´t got too sick yet. I´m sure you´ll get feeling better soon. Linda and Conner came up? You´ll have to tell them that I say hi, and tell Conner i´m sorry I haven´t been able to shoot him a letter yet haha. I´m glad he´s feeling better and on his meds. There´s not any snow? Wow freaking that´s pretty crazy I didn´t think that spring would be hitting Utah so soon, it snowed the beginning of May last year if I remember right that was so awesome haha. So this week was really good we had Conference, my companion is a cool dude, and the family that we are teaching has a baptism date for the 14th of this month. I was so stoked about the family that we´re teaching we had the coolest and most spiritual lesson with them on Wednesday the 28th. The mom wanted us to visit them on my birthday cause she said she was going to give me a cake, I didn´t think she was going to but we went to their house and she had cake soda and Wilson the dad came home early from work for it haha. I felt special haha they sang happy birthday to me with candles and everything, it was soo cool I am so excited about the progress the family is making. But after we taught the family about the gospel of jesus christ and baptism, and explained to them are function as missionaries and what are purpose is. The spirit was sooo strong and we taught by the spirit one of the best lessons i´ve had in the mission so far. We put a baptismal date for the 14th of this month and they told us is something that they really want to do but they told us that they want to be ready to be baptized and not just get baptized to get baptized. They´re supposed to pray as a family to recieve and answer, they have good intenciones and want to become closer as a family. At the end of the lesson we kneeled down with the family Noriega to pray to close the lesson and it reminded me of when we had family prayer and how insignificant I used to think prayer was as a family. But when we were kneeled down with them it was so spiritual and I have a testimony that I know that it helps families to become closer together! Make sure and always pray as a family!! The mom Ava and the dad Wilson came to general conference on saturday also so that was super sweet and I was happy that Wilson was able to come on saturday because it´s tough for him to come to church on Sunday because of work. We´re also teaching Yuri (16) and Claudia (14) they´re awesome and progressing, Yuri came to the afternoon session of conference on Sunday and was able to hear the prophet! So freakin cool, I´m convinced and have a strong testimony of the importance of prophets. It meant a lot more to me to listen to the prophet this conference then it ever has, to listen to the apostles. Knowing that we have a same organized church that Jesus Christ organized made it a lot more special for me. You can feel the love that the prophet has for all the members of the church as well as those who aren´t members. it´s also cool to see the human side of the prophet and how he has a sense of humor haha. But Yuri and Claudia have been progressing and are super interested in the church, the two should be baptized this month we just have to put a baptism date for them, and they need friends in the ward so that they don´t inactivate. Luckily the ward is super awesome and help us out so it shouldn´t be a problem. Speaking of the ward and being awesome we had a sweet activity on Friday with the ward and did a talent show and all the ward came as well as investigadores it turned out awesome. I have a video of the sketch the missionaries did in our ward but it´s 13 minutes long i´d send it if it wasn´t so long haha. But the activity turned out awesome and we were super stoked about it. I was a little bit bummed out this week because we didn´t have super awesome numbers and we didn´t have very many lessons like we normally do, so I´m hoping we can get working a lot harder this week. It was funny this week we were knocking doors on santa palonia and we knocked the door of this house and this guy came to the door and was from this radio station in cajamarca he told us we could talk on the radio one of these days for all of cajamarca so were going to give him a call, we were going to try and talk on the radio before conference and invite all of Cajamarca to come ahaha but we didn´t end up doing it. I had a moment of pride this week with my spanish, we were walking down the road to an appointment and we saw a bunch of ladies shoveling and moving dirt from the road. We offered to help them out and while I was shoveling dirt for them, I was talking to the ladies about the church and they asked me where I was from I told them I was from Celedin a small town pretty close to Cajamarca, and the people that live there have white skin and look like gringos. They all believed me hahahahaha, it made me laugh. I still have a lot to learn with the language but I think it´s coming. That´s pretty much my week, also a member from the ward lent us his guitar for a couple days so that was cool. I think it might be against the rules i´m not sure haha. I also got the package that you sent me with the tie and the yo yo hahah, the tie is crazy I don´t know if I can ever use it when I go out tracting but it´s cool to have anyways! Haha. I love you guys and I´m super thankful for everything that you do for me :) talk to you next week!!! -Christopher P.S. Don´t forget to pray as a family! P.S.S. There´s pictures with my comp and the kids from the family were teaching as well as me wearing the tie you guys sent me! haha.

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