Monday, May 14, 2012

Elder Uzeda March 5th, 2012

Yeah sometimes I do forget i´m in Perú haha, yeah it´s been pretty sweet to be where i´m at like you guys already know ha. I count my blessings everyday, we have a lot to be thankful for. Bryce had a birthday party huh? With chicks? Hahah. Awesome, that´s sweet! Wow that´s so weird that he´s 16, like i´ve told you Bryce be careful with the CR-V and the sound system haha. The CR-V and me have been through some good times and I don´t want to come home and see it destroyed :( haha. Sledding huh? Sweet! It´s good to hear that Utah is finally getting the snow it deserves! That hill behind K-Mart is always fun to go sledding at. Ava is being a daredevil already? Haha. Snowbird had an avalanche inbounds? That´s pretty nuts and scary to think about ha. So to give you guys an update on this week. Elder Uzeda came to our zone on Tuesday to talk to us, it was super cool. He is super knowledgable and I learned a lot from what he had to say. All the general authorities are awesome, I´m excited for General Conference. Maybe all see Jessie´s dad! haha. Elder Uzeda talked a lot about following the rules, which was really good. He gave us a lot of guidance and specific things that we needed to hear. We were supposed to have a baptism this week, Elizabeth (14 years old) was going to be baptized. She´s a reference of a member in our ward, we went with our ward mission leader to have a lesson with her and talk to her Mom about permission so that she could be baptized. She lives super high up on the mountain side of our area, and we didn´t tell our ward mission leader where she lived. So when we started climbing the hills he kept asking us when we were going to get there it was funny. We finally got to her house and talked a lot about baptism and the third lesson. Her mom came and talked to us for a little while, she was feeling sick so we gave her a blessing. I was able to give my third blessing pretty cool I thought haha. We thought that maybe if we gave her a blessing to feel better she might be more likely to give permission to her daughter Elizabeth. Nonetheless she told us she has to learn more and be more familiar with the church. She´s catholic by tradition and has her beliefs and isn´t very open to new ideas or other religions. Apart from Elizabeth we have Yuri who´s 16 and is a pretty cool kid. He´s also a reference of the ward and already has an answer about Joseph Smith and know´s it´s true. His parents support his decision to be baptized at the end of this week. He came to church yesterday and played soccer with all the members and missionaries of our zone this morning. He needs some friends in our ward and a little bit more preparation but he´ll be ready for the end of this week. Also we have been teaching this family who are also another reference of the ward. There´s 5 in their family and I really think that they have a lot of potential to progress. They learn and understand all the doctrine perfect and it´s super nice teaching them. They also came to church yesterday. The mom and dad are cool and really want the best for their family, and they´ll be blessed by living the Gospel. Were gonna work with them. I feel super blessed and lucky to have all the support we have and that we have people to teach. Also another thing that was cool and made me realize better the important role of the Spirit was on Wednesday we were coming back from a lesson with a investigador and I felt a strong impression to visit this house that was up high on the hill. We walked up to this house and I knocked on the door and a 17 year old girl answered the door. We introduced ourselves and she immediately said "come in" haha we dídn´t even get the chance to explain our function or what we are doing as missionaries. We taught the second lesson and she had a ton of questions, and we´ve also taught her mom. This little experience made me realize the important role of the spirit in the missionary work. Sometimes you just have to act on the the promptings that you recieve and they´re usually small and insiginifcant so you really have to be listening. Today for P-Day we visited Los Baños del Inca, pretty cool I thought. It was a lot like Yellowstone well the pools anyways. It´s been sweet being able to visit all the cool tourist sights here. We also played soccer this morning like we always do in the mornings. Something funny on a side note was yesterday we ran into the missionaries in our ward and one of the two was playing with his Yo-Yo. I borrowed his Yo-Yo for a second and was playing with it in the street. This guy drove up and gave me some money about 2 dollars when you translate the money, I´m thinking about maybe after the mission I can just do yo yo tricks in the street and live in Cajamarca what do you guys think? hahah. Funny stuff. I´m gonna try and figure out how to get more music for my iPod I´m not sure how but I think theres a member that has some music I could get I´ll figure it out. Thanks for the packages that you´ve sent me! Oh yeah I wrote letters for the family so tomorrow or today i´m going to send them out! Love you guys talk to you next week :D -Christopher

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