Monday, May 14, 2012

Mi nuevo companero March 26th, 2012

Hey how´s it going!? Sounds like you guys are staying pretty busy lately with the kids and everything. The pinewood derby the trackmeets and everything. I can´t believe it´s my birthday already haha, I´m going to be 20 ahh man that´s so old I feel like. This week has gone super good my compy Elder Velarde left on Tuesday night with some other elders for Chiclayo, I was with Elder Fandino from Columbia on Wednesday waiting for our new companions to get here from Chiclayo. My new comp Elder Sandoval came on Wednesday night, along with 5 other elders from Chiclayo. So this week we´ve been getting to know the area better and the investigadores and members and all that. I´m pretty stoked about my new companion he´s from Lima, and he likes to work hard so I´m hoping that we can get a lot of work done in the next 6 weeks we´ll be together. Sadly I think i´ll be heading out of Cajamarca this change and going to Chiclayo so I´m going to try and work hard and enjoy myself this change. That´s sweet to hear that Bryce is doing track and took 10th place in his first meet, I liked doing High Jump that was always fun and long jump too. I wasn´t ever very good at hurtles but I didn´t want to die either it´s so sketchy with Hurtles, I remember one meet where I ate crap on the hurtles haha so embarassing. And Ava walking? Freaking since when? That´s sweet, she´s about a year and 3 months old now so she should be walking. Sounds like you guys had a good time at the pinewood derby, tell the little kids Joel evan and eli I say hi and thanks for the birthday card with the farting monkey that made me laugh hahah. To give you guys a quick update this week has been good I get along super good with my companion and he´s super helpful. We´ve been checking out all the progressing investigadores we have and getting to know the members of our ward. We have a lot of investigadores that I think can progress and become members I hope! I´ve put a lot of thought into how converts can be inactivated after their baptism so easily, and the importance of that in the work. It´s probably the worst feeling in the world to see one of your converts be baptized and then not come to church. I feel like it´s my fault that they don´t come to church like they should haha, I hope the members can help us out with that. This week I was able to study a little a bit about Humility and how important it is to be someone that has humility, I definitely have a problem with it. But I´m trying to realize that I need the help of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ so that I can progress as a person. That was what I was able to study this week that really hit me and how important it is. We can´t do anything without the help of Jesus Christ or Heavenly Father and sometimes it´s difficult to understand that or it has been for me. It was sweet on Sunday we went to the house of a member in our ward to eat lunch and they made me a cake and celebrated my birthday, it was super nice of them. Also my pensionista told me that she´s going to make a cake for me on wednesday so i´m pretty stoked about that she´s such a good cook. All the members are soo nice it´s been the best to be in this ward, it feels like home here haha. I think the ward makes a huge difference with where your at and the work. I feel blessed to be where I´m at. I was thinking how sweet it´d be to come back here to visit, I think you guys would love it here. You´ll have to take some pictures and such to let me know what you guys did for my birthday! I´m glad you guys have been able to fun stuff lately, and I love you guys soo much thanks for all that you do and the support that I have from you guys. Thanks for the package you guys are sending me! I attached some pictures in another email and sent a letter to mom and dad I still need to write you Bryce sorry! LOVE YOU GUYS! -Christopher

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