Monday, February 20, 2012

4 Meses Jan 16, 2012

Wow it´s been 4 months, it´s not really any time at all when you think about it. But it does feel like I left yesterday...The time is flying, and the days are starting to mix together haha. Sweet pictures by the way, Ava´s teeth are really starting to come in! Did you guys like the pictures I sent? I hope so!

Jeremy Bitner moved to that house huh? That´s sweet! I´m sure they´ll be happy there it´s a nice area. Good to hear Jessie had a good time in Hawaii, I´m sure that was fun for him I need his address or a way to write him. Nick Coffey is off to Paris?! Wow that´s awesome, he´s gonna be an awesome missionary thats so sweet! What has Konnor been up to? I haven´t heard from him since I was in the Provo MTC, I want to shoot him a letter but don´t know where he´s livin.

So this past couple weeks have been so tiring hah. Ever since the marriage that we had two weeks ago. Hermana Manuela isn´t going to be baptized most likely, she was at all interested in becoming a member of the church. We think it has to do with her family, she has a LOT of family problems. But it is kind of a bummer because you have to make a judgement call on some investigators if you think they are going to progress or not. Because you could spend a lot of time and have nothing happen with an investigator. But hermana Graciela has a baptizm date for this Saturday it isn´t completely sure but were going to try and work with her and see. We found an old investigator from missionaries before us in our area, he´s about 70 and has a lot of interest and desire to follow Christ in his life. His name is Julio.

Yesterday we were calling some of our investigators and less active members to remind them about church. And in a lot of the houses in the street the people have phones that you call from to call people with cellphones. Because the phone in our room can only call land lines. The lady who owned the store was helping us and we got talking and found out she is a member, but hasn´t been to church in 10 years. We got her to church that same day her and her son who isn´t a member. We found out later that she has cancer, I´m not sure how bad it is but maybe the church can help her. Her son wants to be baptized as well. I don´t believe that it was just chance that we were calling from her store and started talking to her. I definitely believe that people are being prepared by our Heavenly Father. We have also been doing a better job of working with the members of our ward and they´re giving us a lot of refrences, it´s awesome. We can have a lot more success through the members, were only two people but we can have 5-6 baptisms every month if we work with the members. We also have been visiting a couple of less active members to get them to church. I feel blessed that the members of our ward are active in helping the missionary work it´s super helpful.

Me and Pacori have another 3 weeks together it´s crazy it feels like I just got here in Cajamarca. You definitely need to enjoy the mission as much as you can, and work hard. I´m trying to learn as much as I can from him, I have said this a lot but I feel blessed to have him as a companion. I have so much to learn as far as the Doctrine goes and such as well as being familiar with the scriptures. We did companionship exchanges this week on friday with the zone leaders and elder nicaragua, one of the zone leaders had so much knowledge of the scriptures I want to be like that hah. As well as being able to teach really clearly and simply so that the people we teach understand. As far as my spanish, it´s coming little by little and I try not to get to frustrated with myself.

It was cool we were up the other day high on the mountain side with one of the members of our ward visiting some refrences and you could see all of Cajamarca. It´s an area of Cajamarca that´s super pretty and it felt like Utah there´s tons of trees and it´s super green. There´s also cactus it´s super awesome. I don´t care too much where I am at but it is nice to be in the area I´m in :D haha.

Today we played soccer with the zone on a synthetic field with fake grass, it was sweet. I´ve come to like soccer more I defintely didn´t like it all but everyone in Perú plays it haha. I also sent out a envelope to you guys with letters to you guys and letters for my friends I just need you guys to put them in the maildrop off. I also found out I have another package from you guys haha, I get a lot of crap from my zone with the packages that I have gotten but it´s sweet to get the candy and stuff you´ve sent me! As far as medicine goes I have a pharmacy in my suitcase so I think i´m okay on that, but there are bugs in my bed that bite me at night. So were gonna spray for the bugs, it shouldn´t be a big deal.

Love you guys! Thanks for the package and everything. I´ll talk to you guys next week BYE!


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