Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Christopher! Jan 9, 1012

Hey whats up? So another week has come and gone, I can´t believe how fast the time is going. It´s crazy. So what´d you guys do this week?? Sounds like the weather in Utah is getting to be more like winter no? It hailed today, haha reminded me of Salt Lake. That was nice of Lauren and Lindsey to come of visit you Mom, tell them I say hi! And the report on Jessie is awesome, it´s good to hear that he´s doing better and got to go to Hawaii. I need to write him but don´t have his address. Tell Vicki thanks a bunch for the package of candy, that was way nice of her. I want to send out letters but haven´t been able to, we don´t have time usually to write it´s hard to find time for it. But I think I am going to send a small envelope with a bunch of letters that you can just put in the mailbox mom and send them for me.

Today for P-Day we went to Granja Porcòn it was so sweet, and really reminded me a ton of the mountains in Utah. It´s so green and there was a ton of trees, I sent some pictures of it. They had a lot of animals like Lions, Bears, Monkeys, and birds. The drive was about an hour out of Cajamarca and it also reminded me of the fourwheeling trip with Dad.

So this week has been a lot less stressful now that we don´t have to worry about a marriage. You have to do a lot of stuff to get a marriage prepped, or maybe it was just that they didn´t have their papers organized. It was sweet to have Irael and his wife get married and baptized, to have some reward for the work we did. This week we didn´t have the baptism like we had planned and hoped for. Hermana Manuela is her name, she´s about 50 and sells fish. She said that she wanted another week to prepare herself. She feels that she is going to get baptized and fall right back into the way she used to live her life, she has a lot of doubts. Her family life is pretty bad her husband drinks a lot and she cares a lot for her kids and only wants the best for them. She needs to make the step and be baptized and live her life in the Gospel. A lot of people are afraid to be baptized and participate in the church because of their past life. The only REAL happiness that a person can find is when they center their life around Jesus Christ and follow his example. We also have been doing a lot to work with the members of the ward, and we had a meeting with the bishopric and some members that help with the missionary work. I think the key to the missionary work is working through the members of the ward your in. They have all the references and can help you a ton, a lesson with a member is so much more helpful. The investigadors can have someone to actually relate to. I think it helps haha.

So I have a minute left, but thanks for the letters I always get a letter from you guys every week. It´s really nice. Sorry I haven´t been able to send any letters out to you guys! I also was told there is a package waiting for me in the mission home I just need to get my paper signed by the notaria and I can get it. Love you guys! I am going to send out some letters today I hope! Haha. Talk to you next week :D byee!!


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