Monday, February 20, 2012

Hey! Jan 23, 2012

Sweet pictures that you guys sent me! Lone peak looks so awesome with the all the snow. I don`t have a ton of time to write about ten minutes. How are you guys doing?? Enjoying the winter time in Utah? It`s been raining a ton here, it`s supposed to be like this for another three months. But I am enjoying the rain it keeps the weather really cool.

As far as this week has gone we`ve had a lot of success and are continuing to stay super busy. We had a baptism yesterday of Hermano Anghelo he`s ten years old and his mom has been inactive for ten years. Last sunday we found them when we were calling our investigators to come to church. They had their phone and little store in their house so we were using their pay phone. Last sunday they were able to come to church and two days ago her son was baptized. The mom of Anghelo has cancer and I think that it wasn`t by chance that we found them who knows! I think I may have told you guys this. We also had another baptism of Hermano Obudlio he`s 70 years old but sadly he didn`t pass is baptismal interview. We have to prepare him a little bit more, he has a hard time understanding what we teach him. We found him looking through some old teaching records and talking with the ward mission leader. The missionary work has been awesome working with the members we have three baptism this saturday all of which our refrences, hermana mercedes, hermano juan carlos and hermano obdulio. It`s been super awesome having the support of the members in our ward. We had an activity in the ward yesterday to get more new investigatores, we had splits with a lot of the members and everyone went out contacting about 20 members helped out. We got a ton of refrences and people that we can teach. The ward Cajarmarca is super strong right now and supportive of the work. We also have three other baptisms that the other two missionaries have so 6 baptisms for this saturday.

As far as what i have been learning and trying to be better at is Listening in the lessons. Sometimes I get super anxious and usually the people that you teach just want you to give them your attencion and listen. I am trying to be better at that, it helps with how your going to respond and how to resolve their doubts. My teaching abilities are getting better day by day along with my spanish I am trying to just talk with everyone and get more experience with spanish. I am talking it everyday and am forced to do it, but it is taking a lot of patience to learn it haha.

I was going to ask you guys if you send me another package in the next little while could you possibly put the brown slacks that I have in a package. Just the next time you send a package if you guys could! Dont worry about a ipod charge im going to buy one here I think. Sorry I dont have a ton of time! Love you guys!!


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