Monday, February 20, 2012

Los Cambios Jan 2, 2012


So the 12 weeks I have had with my trainer Elder Pacori, we`ll be over by tomorrow. It`s crazy to think how fast time is flying I feel like I just got here in Cajamarca with him. My new comp Elder Velarde is cool he`s from the ward Puerto Libre, the area Puerto Libre is right next to our area in the ward Cajamarca. Elder Velarde we´ll be coming here and Elder Pacori we`ll be in Puerto Libre we pretty much just did a swap. Elder Nicaragua the zone leader told me that it`s possible that in three weeks there could be changes again, but it`s not for sure. I`m pretty stoked with my new comp and everything, I`m still with Elder Pacori until tomorrow in the afternoon. That`s pretty much the big news for now.

As far as the work goes, we had two baptizms planned for Saturday last week but they fell through. We are getting referencias de oro from the ward it`s awesome. A couple of them (Wilcer and Roger) have problems with alcohol and are afraid of getting baptized and then later on having problems again. Elder Pacori has a lot of faith in this program that the church does in the United States for people that have problems with addicions but it`s focused mainly on the problem of alcoholism. Those two Wilcer and Roger have this desire to be baptized but our just nervous about the temptacions that they have with their amigos and such.

Real quick funny story on Sunday we were passing by some of our investigadores houses to pick them up for church. We had to pass by Wilcer and Roger (His brother Paul is a recent convert and is awesome) to remind them about church and head to the chaple with them. So Sunday morning we came by the house of Roger to bring him to church with us and he answered the door super tired and he seemed to be a little tipsy. His eyes were blood shot and seemed to be dead tired ha. We told him to get dressed and try and get ready to come to church with us. We waited about ten minutes and then went to pick up Wilcer who is also his friend. Wilcer lives about a 20 second walk from the house of Roger, so we went to grab Roger and we turned the corner and saw him drinking with a bunch of his buddies haha. Wilcer tried to leave us and go with Roger and all of them that were drinking on the corner. We took Roger back to his house and told him to rest and not to leave to go continue drinking with Wilcer. Roger watched us as we turned the corner and we waited a second after we turned the corner and looked up the street and saw Roger headed over to go drink with Wilcer and his buddies haha.

These two Wilcer and Roger sincerely want to quit drinking and seguir adelante but they just can`t do it on their own. But this program that Elder Pacori knows a lot about can help them overcome this addicion. So we got it set up with four members from the ward two of which our recent converts and the other two have been members for a while now. The four that our going to be in charge of the program will be teaching every week Tuesday to Friday and all we have to do is bring our investigatores there so that they can learn about this addicion. It`s sad to see people that really want to change their lives but can`t because they`re caught up in a addicion like alcohol.

We didn`t have any baptisms this last week like we had hoped but, the mom of Roger is super sweet and has been to church a couple different times before. I can see how this problem with her son Roger affects her as well as with her other family members. Roger has a brother Paul who was baptized in our ward two weeks ago he`s super awesome and doing really well. As well as Juan Carlos who also had problems with alcohol but was baptized two weeks ago.

The thing is that, right after someone is baptized there is a hand off between the missionaries and the members. The members have to befriend all the new converts and strengthen them. The life inside the church is a completely new world for them. Were trying to improve with the members in this. They have been really good so far except for the Israel and Dilma two new recent converts as well, they got baptized and married four weeks ago I think. But they still don`t have that friendship with the members, and they aren`t going to want to come to church without that. It`s super important.

I feel like these two changes with Elder Pacori have been a success we had a total of 10 baptisms. I have learned so much from him. Sometimes it`s tough when your with the same person for 12 weeks straight haha, but luckily he`s been super cool. And if you ever end up with a companion that you don`t like you have to search for the good in them and only focus on that, and never in the bad.

Sorry if you guys don`t understand what the heck is going on, I`m not super organized in my story writing haha.

Sounds like you guys are having a good time and it`s a bummer to hear that we aren`t getting hardly any snow in Utah whats up with that? Sorry if this email is crappy haha! Love you guys, and sorry I wasn`t able to ask more about what`s going on with you guys. I wanted to feel you guys in on what`s going on here! LOVE YOU GUYS!!


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