Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2 weeks 8/26/13

What a week, we`ve been working hard in our area with a lot of different people and we`ve seen God`s hand in the missionary work. We`re visiting this newer investigador named Carlos Cabrejos he`s not really that new but we already taught him about the Restoration and we`re teaching him about the Plan of Salvation. We told him he could prepare to get baptized on September 7th the only problem was yesterday they called him to go drive a truck, he`s a choufer and sometimes they call him randomly. He`s capting really well everything we teach him and he`s a really humble person. 

I`m really worried about some of our converts in my area because everyone is out of work right now in Ferreñafe because the harvest ended about 2 months ago and there really isn`t other way to work here in the city i`m in. One of the families we baptized about 3 months ago doesn`t have very much food and so I was going to buy some food with my companion to take to them but the bishop is going to see if he can buy some food to help them out. The problem is that the dad Luis doesn`t want to ask for help from the church and so it makes it hard for them to get help if they don`t want to ask for it. Olga Sanchez another convert we have in my area has been without electricity for the past 2 weeks and is using candles, she also doesn`t have to much food to eat but the bishop already helped her out and the president of the relief society went with Olga to the market and they bought her a bunch of food. It made me feel really bad for these people that don`t have anything to eat, it`s tough here economically especially in Ferreñafe. 

Today I`ve been visiting my old areas where I was at before with my companion, we went to Las Americas my third area and visited my pensionista`s family and ate lunch with them. She went to Lima and wasn`t there but I did get to talk with her family and eat lunch with, i talked with her on the phone and she said she was going to say goodbye in two weeks at the airport. I got to go see a family that we baptized after lunch well we didn`t baptize the whole family but two of their kids. It made me soo happy to see, I sent a picture of me with them. I also got to visit Aldair he`s another investigador we taught and baptized, he went to the temple a couple of months ago! I guess he got to do baptisms for the dead, that made me super excited I was glad to see him. After that we went to José Quiñones my fourth area, I got to visit Iris and she is doing good she`s been going to church. It was a bummer to have to say goodbye to her, she`s doing really good. Then we went and visited Laura and Zair, Laura is going to seminary and is getting ready to go to the temple with the young women in the ward. I also sent a picture of the two of them with me. It made me really happy to know a lot of the people that we helped join the church are still going to church and have plans to go to the temple or have already gone. That`s a missionary`s payment, see other people come unto to Christ and live his Gospel. I`m so grateful for the time i`ve had here in Peru I don`t want it to end...I got another two weeks to go luckily :) 

Thanks for the letters you`ve sent me and for the support, all the elders are always jealous of the letters I get :D I hope you like the pictures I sent. I sent a picture of Carlos and I, of lunch with the Piscoya Primo family, of the family we baptized and of Laura, Zair and I. Thanks for the email and the pictures! Talk to you next week...

-Elder Connelly

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