Sunday, September 8, 2013

The last week. 9/3/13

Thanks for the email! It was nice to get to read about you guys and how everything is going. I can´t believe that two years have already gone by it feels so weird to me. I´ve been thinking a lot the last couple of days about my mission and everything. I´m so happy I made the decision to go on a mission, it´s been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I´ve learned so much from my companions, the mission president and the people we´ve taught. I don´t think I´ll ever regret having served a mission because of everything I´ve learned and the people that I´ve been able to teach. 

Yesterday I got to go to one of my areas to say goodbye to the people I taught with Elder Cabrera. It was sweet because we went to our old pension and ate lunch with the Arancibia family. We ate hot dogs for lunch and after we went to visit the people we taught and baptized. We visited Elsa Vallejos and her family it was the best to get to see them they told me they´re still active in the church and go to all the activities and are planning on going to the temple when the ward takes a trip to Lima! We went to Silvia Manay´s house after and she was super excited to see us about a year has passed since I had seen all the people we had taught. Silvia told us that she´s 1st councilor in the relief society and that next month she´s going to go to the temple. It made me so happy to get to see her and it got me so pumped for this last week in the mission. I felt the spirit so strong when we visited her and talked for a while, she said she was going to go to the airport on monday to say goodbye. It was the best to get to talk to our converts and see their progress, I´m most excited to hear about them having gone to the temple.

As far as things go in our area we´re still working with the same people. José Agip came to church on Sunday! That was cool, I didn´t think he was going to come to church but he showed up randomly. We´re having a tough time getting the investigadors we have to commit themselves to go to church on Sundays. This week were going to work on that and try and set some baptismal dates. I´m really trying to enjoy this last couple of days I´ve got in the mission and we´re working really hard. I´ve got a lot of mixed feelings with the mission ending and everything but I´m excited to be able to see everyone after 2 years. I love you guys soo much, thanks for all the support and letters you always sent me. 

I´ll talk to you guys next person! Love you guys :)

-Elder Connelly

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