Monday, June 18, 2012

Another week in Chiclayo, May 21st, 2012

 had a super good week and was able to learn a ton. We`ve been working a ton with the members, every has told me how this area is super dificult and they haven`t had baptisms for 7 months. But we`ve been working super good and had a lot of lessons with members this past week. But i`m most excited for the baptism that we have this week. His name is Oscar he`s 26 and we found him about two weeks ago, I think I told you about him last week. But we found him on a saturday night, and only talked to him for about 2 minutes and left him a pamphlet with the church`s address. He showed up to church last sunday and was super interested and told us that he read the whole pamphlet and prayed. We had a lesson with him and talked about the first lesson and he already knew a ton. On tuesday we set a baptismal date for the 26, and he was super excited about it. We´ve been visiting him throughout this week to help prepare him. And yesterdy was Stake Conference and we were going to swing by his house to go together but he left early and showed up alone. It was so awesome. He is super receptive and tells us every lesson that he knows that this is the Church of Christ and reads every chapter in the book of mormon that we leave him to read. He`s what you call someone that was completely prepared for this Gospel. I feel super good about him and that he`s been able to experience a true conversion to this restored gospel.
It`s been a little different this change with my companion because I have to make more of the decisions in what we are going to do and how were going to help the work in our area progress. I don`t really feel like I`m finishing training my companion because I think he already knows a lot and knows how to teach all the lessons. But i`ve been able to learn a ton this change it`s been super sweet. I feel super bad I don`t have more time to write you guys but tell ELI that I think that is awesome that he learned how to ride a two wheeler bike! That`s crazy that he`s that young and already knows how to ride a bike.
Sorry again I feel bad I had to write President and sometimes I feel like I don`t have enough time to write you guys. But I`ll talk to you next week :D

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