Monday, June 18, 2012

Another week June 4th, 2012

Welp this week has gone by pretty quickly, haha this change we`ll be over this next week which is kind of weird. But I had a super good week with all the experiences and with my companion. We worked so hard this week I`m super tired haha, but I feel super good with our work and what were doing with our area. It`s super small but were trying to make things happen, we found 23 new investigadores this week so that was cool we were contacting like crazy whenever we didn`t have an appointment. But I`m trying to adjust a little bit with my new calling or assignment I guess it be since my calling is to be a missionary haha. The elders in my district are super sweet and cool, theres six of us. We had our first district meeting on tuesday last week, and it went good better than I thought it would I just did what I`ve seen all the other district leaders do. I`m trying to help the elders out with whatever they need. Two of the elders in the district and my companion are working really well, but one companionship hasn`t been doing so well. I don`t think they have a ton of desires to work really hard, that companionship just had  an emergency change today so we`ll see how that goes haha. There`s been a ton of problems in the zone this change but I think everything should be settling down for now, there was quite few companionships that didn`t want to work. I`m hoping to continue this change with Elder Cabrera he`s super cool and were working well together, I don`t want him to get changed and then have some elder come to this area that doesn`t want to work but who knows ha.
This week we had a cool experience I was talking to my companion in the morning on Wednesday while we were tracting, and I was talking a lot about how we don`t really have anyone that is progressing super well. I was feeling a little bummed out but we decided to buckle down and just work hard. We had various appointments during the day but we were knocking doors a lot to find new people to teach. And we had found a couple of different people that accepted us in their houses and it were feeling pretty good and at about 8:30 we were dead tired and we were going to go to the pension to eat dinner and we decided to knock a couple more doors. We knocked one door and we didn`t know who lived at this house but a member from the church (an older lady) opened the door and let us in and we talked to her for a while. We had been told from some members that this older lady`s daughter had been investigating the church for 5 years or so but wasn`t really sure about her testimony. We ended up talking to her daughter Silvia she`s about 45, and we got talking and she told us about how she had been investigating the church for a really long time and that she couldn`t accept that the church was true. But she told us on Wednesday that she felt that this is the true church, it was a cool experience and strengthened my testimony that there are people that the lord prepares and puts in our way. Her testimony was really strong about the church, my companion and I are super excited about Silvia. Also yesterday in church our convert Oscar got up and bore his testimony it was so awesome, I was super stoked and happy for Oscar and his progress.
Today we went to Eten a beach about 20 minutes from our area with our zone, it was super cool theres penguins and it was super tempting to not be able to get in the water. I got my hair and feet wet but it reminded me a ton of Hawaii. Thanks for sending me the pants and all of the stuff that you guys have sent me. Don`t worry too much to send me more things but if you guys insist i`ll receive a package :D haha. Love you guys!! Sorry I couldn`t really talk about what you guys are doing LOVE YOU GUYSSSS

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