Monday, June 18, 2012

Changes June 11th, 2012

Hey! Well this week was changes, and there wasn´t hardly any changes in our zone. Because of all the emergency changes a couple of weeks ago. I´m going to be staying with my companion one change more, I don´t know if he wanted to stay another change with me or leave but he´s a cool Elder. We´ve been working super hard with our investigadors and our area. It´s one of the more tougher areas in the zone, its super small and most of the houses have been contacted but were making a lot of good things happen. 

Were teaching Silvia Manai she´s 52 and has been investigading the church for a while now and her mom is a member. I think I talked a little bit about her the other week. We set a baptismal date for the 23rd of this month, and she says shes going to try and do her part. We had a lesson with her about 4 days ago when we put the baptismal date. She had been going to another church for a long time and was baptized like Jesus was baptized, she didn´t understand why she would need to be baptized again. We explained why we need to be baptized by someone that has the priesthood and that it´s not complete unless we recieve the holy ghost. She seems to have understood, but she says she needs more conviction and needs to accept Jesus Christ. Were trying to do a lot to help her. Include her in your prayers please!! 

Also we´ve been teaching this guy named Mikel from the US, he lives right by our apartment. We went to his house about a week ago and he gave us nachos and we talked for a while he doesn´t understand any spanish I felt bad for my companion because he couldn´t participate in the lesson. He´s a cool guys he´s like 6 foot 5 and has some sweet dreads ha, but this desire that he has to get closer to Christ is what draws my attention. I told him on Saturday night when we talked to him that I dont think it´s a coincedence that he´s able to hear the restored gospel from someone that speaks english. We talked a little bit about the atonement and how Jesus Christ knows all of our hard times, suffering, and sins. And how he can be cleansed of sin through the atoning sacrafice of Jesus Christ. 

I can say that I´ve learned more in this change with Elder Cabrera than in any of the changes I´ve had up until now. I know for sure that through Jesus Christ our weaknesses can become our strengths (2 Cor. 12:10) :D I´m hoping that we can keep working hard. I´m super stoked for this change and all the plans we have to help this ward the members and the people were teaching. Love you guys, by the way I got your package well I didn´t go pick it up yet but it´s here in Chiclayo! Love you!!!


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