Monday, November 12, 2012

Feliz dia del Padre! June 18th 2012

Hey happy fathers day DAD!!! How´s it going? Sounds like you guys were able to do something fun for fathers day. I feel bad because I haven´t been able to write any letters or send a small package, it cost a ton to send letters from here to the US. But I´m glad you guys got to do something this week. I´m not really sure I know where that Natural History Museum would be at, but it sounds cool. I´ll have to check out that movie that you guys saw it sounds super cool, I liked Alien I saw it like 8 years ago or something like that ha. I really liked the picture frame that you guys made for dad it looks pretty sweet, I wish I could have particpated haha. 

TELL EVAN HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D and tell Joel, Eli, and Bryce I say hi!! 

Things have been going really good here, I fell like i´ve learned more in these couple weeks than I have in all my mission. We´ve been working so hard in our area, it´s had a lot of trouble in the past but I´m convinced that it depends on you and if you really want to work hard. We´ve been studying a lot in the morning, we studyed a little bit about how we need to listen as missionaries sometimes we´ll get in a lesson and it´s tough to just listen atently to what the people are telling you. Well at least it is for me, I get too excited to try and respond to their doubts or problems and I just need to listen to what theyre saying haha. 

This week I was with one of the elders from my district Elder Driggs from Riverton, I had a work visit with him to see how him and his companion are working. It´s super cool for me to go out teaching or tracting with other elders because everyone can teach you something different. We have a baptism this week, and i´m super stoked for the sister that´s going to be baptized. Sister Silvia, I think I told you about her this last week. We´ve been doing everything to try and help her with her progress, on friday we taught her about a couple of commandments and she is super awesome and when we invited her to keep the commandments we had taught her she accepted and was super excited about everything, yesterday we visited her with the stake patriarch this super spiritual guy and he helped her out a ton. At the end of the lesson with the patriarch she said a super awesome prayer and cried. It´s been really really special to see her progress up until now and see her testimony grow. Thats the one thing that makes me super happy, to see someone have a strong testimony of the gospel. Also on Sunday we had four people in the church and three of them came with out us having to swing by their houses, you can really see the progress of someone when you don´t have to remind them to come to church. I was also super stoked to see Oscar at church with his scriptures and everything, it´s something really hard to explain the happiness that you feel for the people you teach. 

On Wednesday during district and zone meeting president risso showed up unexpectingly, and that was cool. I was able to have a small interview with him and talk a little bit about what were doing in our area and how i´ve been doing. He´s awesome and makes me excited to get out and work. Today we watched 17 Miracles with the zone, it´s a pretty sad/cool movie, about the pioneers and all that they went through. Then we were able to nap a little bit. We´ve been running and excersing in the mornings, I´m hoping to try and lose some weight I´m getting fatter day by day I think. Also on friday we ate these super huge sandwhiches, and then on saturday we went downtown with the stake president and the patriarch to eat. The pension is sweet, we eat in the same house as the secretary to the mission, the stake president, and the stake patriarch. Welp that´s about it for this week, I love you guys! Talk to you next week!! 

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