Monday, November 12, 2012

Semana 5 August, 27th 2012

Welp my time has finally come to an end here in the Unión, I was super bummed when the Zone Leaders called and said I was going to be changed. I´m super stoked to get to a new area and have a new companion so that I can progress and learn more but it´s always a bummer to have to get used to a new area and companion and all that. I´ve been here for about 4 1/2 months so it´s about time that I had a change, but my compy and I thought I was going to stay. 

I´ve seen some of the coolest things happen in this area, I feel like we´ve really been able to dig up gold in this area. I was told so much about how this area was hard and that the members didn´t help out any. But I´ve really been able to see how the Lord prepares his children to recieve the Gospel. I think I´ve said that a lot but it´s really true that the Lord prepares the way for his children. We were able to teach Elsa Vallejos about Temples yesterday and that was super special and spiritual. She´s 72 and her husband died when she was about 32 in a car accident, so I think it was super comforting for her to hear that her husband could recieve ordinances like baptism in the temple. She sounded excited to prepare herself to enter the temple. We also visited Silvia Manay (52 years old) yesterday and she talked to us about the answer to her prayer that she recieved when she was unsure about the church and the book of mormon. She had been going to a different church for a really long time and she never really accepted what the church taught, her mom has been a member for a really long time and it was really hard for her to see that her daughter never joined the church. With my other companion Elder Cabrera we were knocking doors one night and showed up at her house and the mom of Silvia came to the door and we almost didn´t going in and we decided we were going to share something short with her, then Silvia showed up and told us her story and how she felt and that she was looking to change her life and join Christ´s church. It was a super special experience, and strengthened my testimony a lot. 

Things are going really well in our area and were super excited about some of the people we´ve been working with, Elsa has been sparked with the missionary spirit and always brings her family to church. So we´ve been teaching her grandson Ismael, he has a baptismal date so were excited for him. I feel like I´ve done everything that I could of done for this area, It´s sooo small and so i´m a little relieved to get to have a change. It´s like 3 blocks by 18, so it makes it tough to walk the same streets every single day haha. 

So on Friday night I got kind of sick from something I ate I think and started throwing up I didn´t feel good and slept alright on Friday night. I didn´t feel good enough to go tracting on Saturday so we stayed in our room in the morning and in the afternoon ended up leaving to go tracting. I´ve felt a lot better and I think It was just something that I had eaten, It´s the first time I´ve gotten sick with the food but I´ve always been careful with what I eat. If there´s something sketch in my plate I usually say something but sometimes you just have to man up so that you don´t make the people feel bad haha. But I´m doing a lot better now and don´t feel so sick. 

It made me super excited and pumped for Joel when you said that he´s going to be getting baptized in two weeks, you guys have to take pictures or something and send me em. I wish I could be there when he gets baptized. It´s funny sometimes I think about when I got baptized and I don´t know if I really understood how important this ordinance is. Like Nephi says in 2 Nefi 31 if Jesus was baptized, someone that never commited a sin theres a great need for us being sinners to be baptized as jesus was baptized.  It´s super special and make sure that the baptismal service is spiritual so that Joel never forgets that day. 

Well anyways my time is just about over, I´ll fill you guys next week on where I´m at and all that. I wish I could let you know what´s going on tomorrow somehow. Look in the clouds for my smoke signal hahah. It´s crazy how we have such limited communication I feel like I´m leaving in a whole different world ha. But I love you guys so much and hope everything is going well! Tell Joel congradulations for passing his baptismal interview. Love youuuU!!! 

-Elder Connelly

P.S. the picture is with the pensionista and her family and my companion today we took a picture to remember Im going to miss this family a lot they´ve been so nice.

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