Monday, November 12, 2012

Hiiii Oct. 22nd, 2012

First off I want to tell Joel CONGRADULATIONS for getting baptized that`s so cool, you didn`t send me any pictures of his baptism. I want to see the pictures of when Joel got baptized, I hope everything turne out okay. Im glad Bryce didn`t have to baptize Joel three or four times haha, that always seems to happen in some of the baptisms here ha. I didn`t know you guys were going to do the baby blessings of Ava and Eli, that`s awesome I´m glad to hear about that! I burst out laughing when I heard about Evan trying to give Ava a blessing hahahaha. Bryce is with another chica? Freaking what`s going on dude? Haha take a chill pill and enjoy high school while you have it haha, that`s cool though be careful though :) 

Welp we`ve had a pretty good week to say the least. So my companion left and now I`m with Elder Ocampos, he`s from Paraguay. He`s a stud it`s we`re going to work super hard this change and we`re hoping to have success in the zone. I ended up in the same zone as a lot of my buddies here in the mission so that was cool, and everybody in the zone is cool and we shouldn`t have any problems.  We have a baptism scheduled for this week, it`s the daughter of members in the ward that just got reactivated and have started going back to church. The mom (Juana) didnt want her daughter (Candy) to get baptized because she told us that God isn`t to be played with and doesn`t want her daughter to just get baptized, we asked Candy if she wanted to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized and she said yes. We then went on explaining to her that her daughter has to be baptized and we shared D&C 68:25-28 if I remember right, she told us that she was going to talk with her husband and give us and answer so we`re going to go see if Candy can get baptized this week. Keep her in your prayers :) Everything is about normal right now in the mish and I`m just trying to enjoy everyday that I have here and work hard. Sometimes I feel lame writing you guys the same thing everyweek haha. Today we went to this cool place and played soccer and hung out with all the Elders and Sisters so that was fun, I got sunburnt again because I always forget to put sunblock on. 
Im finding a lot more time to read my book of mormon lately so that`s been nice, i`ve been trying to read and finish the book or mormon this month. Everytime I read it I always recieve that spiritual confirmation and I can feel and know that the book of mormon is true. It always helps me to read and pray about the book of mormon even if I already have a testimony of the message it contains. We can always take the invitation that the book has for us and read and ask God to help strengthen our testimony  of this book. I`ve been teaching a lot more with the book of mormon and giving priority to the book of mormon in our lessons and I`m seeing such a big difference. It helps bring the spirit into our lesssons and helps people so that they understand the doctrine. It`s sweet. So I guess the invitation is that you read and pray about the book of mormon this week even if you already know it`s true, I know with out any doubt that God will answer your prayers. Sorry I didn`t write very much, love you guys!! :)

-Elder Connelly

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