Monday, November 12, 2012

Hard Week Sept 24th, 2012

So this has been one of the harder weeks I`ve had in the mission so far, I definitely think the Lord is challenging my faith. I`ve been pushing myself really hard with my companion so that we reach our goals that we have and so that we can help the zone out. We`re super stoked about all the success we`re starting to have. It`s been pretty hard this change, I`d say it`s been my hardest change so far. Ever since the begenning of this change i`ve been asking myself why they called me to this position when I`m still fairly new in the mission well i`ve been out a year. I`ve had a lot of feeling of unsufficiency this week, probably from Satan or something haha. But it`s really been really hard lately this week, Im really excited to help the elders and sisters out in our zone and so that`s been really cool. But this has been the busiest/hecict week hha. 

On Tuesday I was in Pimentel by the beach preaching with one of the elders in our zone its a really neat small town by the beach and so that was cool. On Thursday we went to Santa Rosa the new area that just got opened up to help the elders out that just opened that area up we were there with the whole zone working it was cool to work in that area were hoping that the growth in this new area is good. On Friday we had an activity in our ward with all the members and investigadores we did the tree of life and watched a smalll cartoon and explaining the meaning of the chapter to everyone and had refreshments after it turned out to be nice. I`ve been getting to know my companion a litte better and so we`ve gotten to be better friends I think a sent a picture of him and the other week, he`s helping me out a ton right now. It`s been really new and tough for me to help the zone out, but he`s a stud and has been training me well so that I can do all this when my other companion comes. We were talking about how we think this week has been a week of testing for us because of all that we went through it was tough. We were pretty stoked and happy last night to see the results of the zone and all that we did this week. I`m reading the book of mormon with my companion and so that`s been cool he reads in English and I read in spanish and we correct each others pronucation. Im working and trying to tweak a couple of things about how I talk in spanish, theres so many little things that you need to polish and tweak so that you speak like a peruvian. I`m trying to work a little harder on testifying in the lessons too and that has been super cool I`m seeing and feeling the results when you testify with a surety of what your teaching the people feel it and you reach their hearts when you teach. 

I`m so grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission right now it`s kind of hitting me how cool it is to be able to help people come to know the restored gospel. I`m gonna try and finish the book of mormon in spanish here shortly, maybe by the end of this change i`m not sure. I`m sorry that I wasn`t able to write too much more but i`m going to write you guys letters like ka did the other week. Love you guys soooo much and hoope everything is going well. Pray for Thomas and José Luis people that are getting baptized in our area :D 

-Elder Connelly

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