Monday, November 12, 2012

Responsibilidad July 25th, 2012

Well that was one of the more funny email`s I`ve gotten from you, I was a little confused and laughing while I read it haha. I`m also really glad that you didn`t die mom, you have to be careful when your out hiking, I remember the time that I came up on that mountain lion when I went rock climbing with Bryce. I think Dan has some pretty gnarly stories too about animal encounters in the wilderness haha, but i`m glad that your safe.
It sounds like you guys don`t really know what has been going with me here in the mission. I`ll try and fill you in a little with the questions you had, before this change I was with Elder Cabrera (from Chile) I had two changes with him (12 weeks) and now he`s in Bogua Grande (the jungle), Chiclayo is a lot different from Cajamarca but it`s been three and a half months since I was in Cajamarca so i`m adjusted, the food is practically the same I`m yet to really eat anything super crazy in the mission up until now, and the living conditions are perfect I have a comfortable to sleep in a pension where we get to eat three course meals (we eat in the house where the patriarch lives, the stake president, and the missions secretary so I feel pretty protected). Elder Pacori isn`t getting released for another 7 months right now he`s my zone leader, so it`s been pretty cool to be able to work with him again. I think I answered some of the questions you had haha.
So I´m doing really good i`m a little tired and stressed out but it`s good to be tired when you`ve been working. I`m training a new elder right now, his name is Elder Palacios from Villa Salvador it`s the south part of Lima. He`s a cool elder really timid but were getting to know each other well and we`ve been checking the area out and i`ve been introducing him to the investigadores and the members. We`re supposed to have a baptism this week, the Hermana Elsa should be getting baptized, i`m praying and I`ve got my fingers crossed that she gets baptized this saturday. She`s the coolest little lady she`s 72 and we`ve been teaching her now for about 8 weeks, we didn`t think she was going to progress much when we first starting teaching her when I was with Elder Cabrera and then we invited her to come to church about 4 weeks ago and she showed up with her grandson and has been keeping her commitments. We`re super stoked about her progress and we have an appointment with her in 30 minutes with the mission leader in our ward. She likes to read the BOM and when we`ve left her a chapter to read she explains every chapter to us with all the important details and points, and understands well the restoration. She`s one of those people that has been waiting to recieve the gospel. It was a little bit of a scare on Friday when we were finishing up the plan of salvation with her and I asked her how she was feeling about this saturday and her baptism and she told us, "I actually wanted to tell you guys something", my heart dropped and she told us that she wasn`t sure that she was ready to be baptized. We shared a couple of scriptures with her and reassured her that she was going to be fine and that she just needed to keep reading the book of mormon and praying to continue growing her testimony. She came to church yesterday and always shows up with her grandson, i`m super stoked about her and hoping that everything turns out okay this week pray for her please!!
I`m feeling completely drained and im excited to get to sleep tonight, I feel a little overwhemled to be training and district leader but it`s i`m going to be able to learn a ton and progress. I was super bummed out to say goodbye to Elder Cabrera we were together for 3 months and I was hoping for one more change with him but now he`s in the jungle in Bagua Grande, I think he was pretty happy to get to go to a cool area in the jungle. We went around on monday night saying goodbye to the members in our ward and saying goodbye to the converts that we had while we were together, I almost shed a tear when we had to say goodbye haha but seriously it was a bummer. But i`m stoked to be able to help out Elder Palacios, I feel super blessed with the companions I`ve had because I`ve been able to get along with all of them and you always learn something good from everysingle one of them. 
I really liked the pictures you guys sent me especially the one of bryce with the surf board looking all huge, you need to lay off the weights or I´m going to have to start working out in the mornings. I sent everyone in the family a letter last week, so it should get to you guys this coming week I think. I love you guys sooo much and hope you have a good week! Read the scripts and say your prayers!! :)
-Elder Connelly
ps the four pictures with elder cabrera were from when we said goodbye to all the members, and the other picture is with my new compy in our room. 

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