Monday, November 12, 2012

Tough Times Sept. 10th, 2012

HEYY! Sorry, I got on the computer a little later today because we were super busy today. HOw`s everyone doing? Id respond to what you wrote me but I dont have time!

So this week has been nuts busy, busiest week of the mish so far ha. On monday I was visiting all the members and converts in my area and said goodbye to everyone and to my companion on tuesday we went to change meeting. I was pretty nervous about my change and where I was going to be, I was bummed to have to say goodbye to my companion too. But in the meeting everyone was super nervous and after president and his wife talked they called out the changes. They called my name and I thought they were going to send me to the zone Jaén but i`m in the zone Chiclayo Perú, I`m with Elder Cerrutti he`s a stud he`s from lima. We´re the zone leaders in the zone and so that`s been something new for me i`ve been pretty nervous for the responsiblity but i`m feeling a little better about it. It`s tough because now I have to help out the elders and sisters in our zone but it`s a great opportunity to serve. It was tough because on wednesday we had zone meeting in the morning but my companion and I have been helping these elders in the zone so that they can open up the area and they were transporting all the furniture and bunk beds and stuff to the area during the zone meeting. So I got stuck with the whole zone alone and had to talk about the stuff we had planned for the zone, luckily everything turned out alright and my companion made it to the zone meeting about halfway through. It`s been crazy because we were helping the elders that our in this brand new area so that they can get moved in and we had a zone council with all the zone leaders in the mission president and the assistents on Thursday. I was able to learn a lot and i`m super stoked and excited to learn a lot and progress I feel a little uncapable sometimes like anyone would feel but i`m going to try and give it all. 

So the area where i`m at is about fifteen minutes from where i was at, so I practically didn`t even move very far but it`s a cool area it`s a lot bigger than where I was at. My companion and I became friends really quickly and so that`s good, he`s a cool guy and were super excited to work hard this change. Oh something cool was on Sunday when Elder Hooker came to our sacrament meeting, he`s a autoridad de área. I learned a lot from his talk he talked about the atonement and the importance of families. It was super special to listen to him, some of the general authorities in the church can really just get to your heart through the spirit. I felt the spirit super strong as he talked. So like I was saying our area is cool, but right now we´re looking for new people to teach. We area teacing this kid named Tomas, his whole family are members but his mom needs to give him permission so that he can be baptized. Maybe you guys could include him in your prayers so that he can get baptized this week. 

Sorry that this letter is so short but I didn`t have time to write anything else because we have to go buy food for the week, oh yeah now I have to cook breakfast and dinner so that`s cool. ANyways I love you guys soo much and sorry that I couldn`t write more and that I don`t have week i`m going to send some!! LOVE YOU

Elder COnnelly 

PS I got the package with the ties and candy !! THANKSSSSS :DDDD

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