Monday, November 12, 2012

Tired July 16th, 2012

Thanks for filling me in on whats going on :) Every time I read the letters that you guys send me I find myself laughing and imagining how things are going at home haha. I`m glad Eli was able to have a fun birthday and sounds like he still loves his Yeti´s. It`s super weird to hear about Eva and what she`s been doing, because I still imagine her as she was when I left. Not that a ton of time has gone by but that she couldn`t walk and stuff like that. Tell Bryce to not be nervous and man up :D and bless the sacrament because it`s a special opportunity and it`s his responsibilty as a Priest.
Well this week was super busy and I feel completely dead today haha. On Tuesday I was with Elder Blatter from Riverton doing a work visit in his area to see how him and his companion have been doing. Elder Blatter is super awesome and a funny Elder I was able to learn a ton from him and I think I was able to help them out a little bit. I like being able to help the Elders out it`s been cool. It was pretty funny how people reacted to us when we did a couple of contacts because it`s not too often that two gringos are together tracting one thats tall and the other with blonde hair haha.
This week my companion and I have been giving it all we`ve got I feel really good about the work we`ve been doing and what we`ve been able to do up until now with the help of the Lord. I`m pretty bummed out that I think my companion we`ll be leaving this change we don`t know yet, but he`s been here for three changes now. And now it`s most likely that he`ll be heading out. I always get a little bit stressed out the last week of a change because you don`t know sometimes what is going to happen. But I`ve reall enjoyed my time with Elder Cabrera. This week we made plans to set a baptismal date for Hna. Elsa Vallegos (72) and her grandson Ismael (13) they came to church the other week alone and have been showing a lot progress. We had a lesson with them on Friday that was the best, i felt the spirit super strong and it was one of those times that at the end of the lesson you say "what just happened." We set a baptismal date for the 4 of August and they accepted it. It was funny we invited Hna. Elsa to be baptized on the 4th and she said "okay, what time should I be there at". They both came to church on Sunday and were going to visit them tomorrow. 
I was talking a little bit with my companion about the testimony that an Elder gains on the mission and how we have to return converted to the restored gospel. I really feel that it`s sometimes a battle trying to gain a real firm testimony of the gospel, a testimony that`s super super strong. But I`m finding that it comes little by little. I`ve got a ton of animos de trabajar right now and my companion and I are going to end the change on a good note.
I don`t know if you could keep Jesus, Elsa, and Ismael in your prayers. Jesus is also a kid we`ve been teaching I think I already mencioned him he`s 19 and has a ton of doubts about the BOM. We going to share a little about 2 Nephi 29 with him, he`s really doubtful about the fact that there´s another book apart from the bible.
Thanks for all the support! Love you guys soo much, I`m gonna keep Grandma Terri and Chad in my prayers :) I`m also sending out letters I always say that but this time it`s for real.
p.s. all the pictures i sent are of today at the beach Pimentel (one of the best beaches in Peru from what they say) and some of the elders in the zone.

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