Monday, November 12, 2012

Changes July 23, 2012

Hey family! Thanks for the little update on what`s going on at home. You`re probably getting to do a lot of fun things being that it`s summer time right now. I liked those old pictures that you sent me haha, it was funny seeing them. That sounded fun eating chinese food and watching the fireworks during draper days. I miss chinese food, but sometimes I get to eat fried rice in the pension so that`s been pretty sweet. Thats funny that Dan has a new hat now, I`ve always remembered him with that brown beatin up hat that he always uses. But I hope that fortune comes true! I hope Grandma can keep her vision from worsening thats a bummer, I`ll keep her and Chad in my prayers. 

So this week is changes, and yesterday we were nervousily waiting for the phone call from the zone leaders and they called at about 9:30PM and my companion is leaving. It was kind of a bummer my companion and I thought that we were going to have a miracle and he was going to stay one change more, it would have been three changes together but what can ya do. So this change I`m training a brand new Elder, I`m excited for the opportunity to learn more. I`m a little nervous but I guess anyone would feel that way. Tomorrow in the morning we have change meeting and so I won`t know who my new companion is until tomorrow. This last change I feel like I learned a ton, and Im super stoked for this next change to give it all.

This last week was an interesting one, we`ve been trying to help Elsa Vallejos and her grandson Ismael prepare to be baptized on August 4th. Luckily during a work visit with some of the elders from our district my companion and Elder Driggs (from Riverton) were able to talk to Ismael`s mom and now he has permission to be baptized which is sweet. During the work visit I was with Elder Perea an elder from our district from Guatemala he`s super spiritual and knows how to use the Book of Mormon like a champ, you always learn something really cool from every elder here in the mission it`s great. We`ve been teaching a family of three this last couple of weeks they`re awesome, Cecilia (the mom), Maria (the aunt), and Caroline (Cecilia`s daughter) they`re a reference from one of the members in our ward that helps us out a ton. We`ve shared with them the restoration and the book of mormon, and on Sunday we talked to them about baptism. It was a bomb lesson we taught by the spirit and used the scriptures super well, with all the doctrine. We saw that Cecilia was fighting against her traditions that she has a catholic, but were doing our best to help her out. If you could keep them in your prayers along with Elsa and Ismael it`d be super helpful :)

Today my comp and I went to the mission office to say goodbye to the elders that our going home today. And we`ve been relaxing a little bit and he`s been packing his stuff up and tonight we`re going to swing by all of people so that he can say goodbye. It`s a super weird feeling that he`s already leaving but I`ve been telling him he`s  going to serve in Cajamarca haha. So today I wrote letters to everyone in the family so be expecting a letter in the next couple of weeks! 

Love you guys :D 


P.S. I haven`t taken any pictures so they aren`t any pictures...sorry

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