Monday, November 12, 2012

Conference Week Oct. 8th, 2012

Heyyy how`s it going? This has been a really long and tough week so it made my day to get to see some pictures of you guys and read a little bit about what`s going on at home :D I saw the pictures of all the little kids and notice that the kids are changing a little, well at least Ava is. Bryce has got some super long hippy hair haha, cut that hair dude it`s too long haha! Kidding. Bryce stray away from girls they`re nothing but trouble haha, that`s bummer man but don`t worry about it. It`s weird to hear all about the elections in the united states I have no idea what`s going on outside of PerĂº i feel pretty much like in my own bubble. 

I hope you guys were able to watch conference and learn from all of the talks that were given. I was able to really meditate this conference as I listened to the bretheren speak that they are literally called of God. It`s really something neat to be able to listen to the Prophet and hear about all the new changes in the church with a new temple in PerĂº and that the youth is going to be able to leave now at a younger age. I liked a lot what the prophet said about that sometimes people are called or given a responsiblity and they don`t know why and it`s because other people and God see something in them that they don`t see quite yet. We all have a certain capability and potencial in our lifes and sometimes we don`t recognize just what it is that we can achieve but sometimes other people see something in us that we ourselves don`t see. I would talk a lot about all the talks that were given but I would be writing forever haha. 

This week was pretty nuts like usual on Tuesday we had Zone meeting and checked out all the work we did during the month of September we had 7 baptisms in the zone it was a pretty good achievement for the zone. On Wednesday we had zone council with president and all the zl`s of the mission, it was the second time that I was able to be in the zone council and it was cool to hear about all that the mission is doing we hit 133 baptisms in the whole mission that`s the most baptisms we have ever had up until now. The president is so inspired and cares so much for all the missionaries it`s cool to get to listen to the plans he has for the mission. We were able to actually get time in to go proselyting this week so that was sweet, sometimes we don`t have time because we`re helping the other missionaries out. Then on Saturday and Sunday we were pretty much watching conference all day and proselyted a little. It is crazy when you talk about people like Mitchell finishing up their missions it freaks me out. I feel like I`ve been in the mission my whole life sometimes as if I didn`t have my life before I got here it`s kind of a weird feeling haha. I`m trying to enjoy every moment that i have here, defineitly don`t want to finish thinking that I wish I would have done something different or worked harder. I`m learning a lot right now about being able to endure to the end, it`s one of the most important principles in the gospel being able to continue faithful until the end. I`m super stoked for everything that I`m learning and still trying to strengthen my testimony always. I hope you guys can check out the other sessions if you weren`t able to see them all, it was really a pretty sweet conference.

Have fun fourwheeling and in Vegas!! I`ll be waiting that package :D hahah I love you guys and ill talk to you next week! 

-Elder Connelly

P.S. I was going to send pictures but...I didnt end up sending them. Next week though :D

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