Monday, November 12, 2012

Hiiii Oct. 29th, 2012

Hey! Glad to be able to write you guys again this week. I really liked the picture of you guys there at that lake it looks so pretty there. It`s so weird to see Bryce and Ava I feel like of everyone in the family they have changed the most, Bryce looks like he`s the same heigth as dad and Eva just seems to have changed a lot in this short time like any other baby ha. So the dogs got kicked out of the house ha, I wasn`t too surprised to hear about that. Lulu was a problem for a long time, don`t worry mom it`s not that big of a deal I probably might cry tonight but it`s not a big deal hahaha kidding. It sounds like it`s a better situation for everybody now, maybe things will be a little bit more smoother without the dogs causing problems. Jazz was always a pretty weet dog and never had any problem going to the bathroom in the house or doing things like that. I`m sure that this decision is better for everyone. 

So I had a pretty good week, I think I`ve come to the conclusion that being tired is just part of the mission because I`m always tired haha. On Tuesday we had a work visit with some of the elders in the zone and i was with Elder Driggs from Las Vegas, he`s a newer elder in the mission. He`s been out now about 3 months, it was a special opportunity to help him out. It`s always cool for me to be able to go on splits with other missionaries so that you can become better. I`ve been kind of having a problem with my companion lately it`s kind of a bummer, not really a problem but we haven`t been able to teach with that unity that is needed so that the people can feel the spirit. A lot of times in the lessons I feel like another member hanging out in the lesson, maybe my companion doesn`t notice it but I`ll have to talk to him about it. It makes it hard when you can`t teach as one voice with you companion because the spirit just isn`t as strong. We get along super well and he is a stud but I think maybe he just doesn`t realize how important that is to teach together. I`m going to try and talk to him this week a little bit about it haha. 

Candy got baptized on Friday with the bishops daughter, it was quite the baptizm haha. It all turned out really well, just that the bishops daughter didn`t want to get baptized so it made it a little dificult. It was a spiritual baptismal service and Candy was excited about her baptism, especially Candy`s mom so that was neat. I was happy to see that now their whole family is baptized and now they would just need to make that step to be sealed in the temple. It`s tough because Candy`s mom has work on Sundays and can`t go to church and we`ve talked to her many different times and just can`t give up her work on Sunday. This week we were looking for new people teach and contacting like crazy, and we found this awesome family on Thursday. They`re from the jungle and have come to Chiclayo for work. We shared the Restoration with them on Thursday we`re yet to talk about Joseph Smith, but we talked about the church of Christ and the apostasy they understood what we taught them and were anxious to have us return. On Saturday night we talked to the dad and mom about the sabbath day and they told us that they would go to church the next day and the dad came with us to church. It was pretty sweet that at least the dad was able to come to church, we have a lot of faith for this family and we think that they are going to progress a lot. They`re adventists but they haven`t gone crazy on us yet about their beliefs of the sabbath day, they aren`t what you`d say super adventists. 

But I`ve been good, this transfer has been tough and i`m learning and growing a lot. I think that`s just what I needed is something to make me push myself to make myself learn and grow, the trials and hard times are what make you think and push yourself a little harder, and when you accomplish your goals and do what you wanted to do it`s a good feeling. Theres a cool scripture in Romans that talks about that but I can`t remember where it is....

Today was cool we hung out with the zone in the church and cut pumpkins and played pictionary. It made me remember cutting pumkins at home during Halloween. Nobody does anything here in Peru for Halloween it`s sad. It`s not really a big holiday. 

Thanks for all the support and prayers!! Love you guys, talk to you next week :)

-Elder Connelly

PS heres the pictures of the activity we had today with the zone and the baptism of Candy, my comp is the one in the black shirt!

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