Monday, November 12, 2012

What a week Aug. 6th, 2012

Well this was a pretty crazy week, we`ve been working super hard and were seeing some of the results come. I`m tired as usual and Pday was super relaxing today. The hermanita Elsa got baptized on saturday and I confirmed on yesterday were super stoked about her and her progress, she`s put forth her part to be able to make this covenant with God. She`s such a special lady, she`s 72 and decided that she wasnt doing what god wants her to be doing. On monday we had that family home evening with the mission leader and she had read mosiah 18 and she said that it helped her a lot and that she was ready to be baptized. We taught her about the commandments during the week and she accepted everything we taught her. Were looking into teaching more of her family there`s a lot of people in her family that can progress. It was kind of funny when she got baptized, it was my companions first time baptizing, and Presidente Risso showed up to our baptism again and was in the baptismal font when my companion baptized her. He got nervous and couldn`t get the prayer right and couldnt get her all the way under the water, she ended up getting baptized three times hahaha. But she was a trooper about it even though it looked like it might of been a little tough for her! I`m super stoked about her and the people that we  found this week. 

Had a cool experience this week with an interview of one of the baptisms in our district, it was a 16 year old kid. He`s super awesome and has such a strong testimony of the book of mormon and the gospel. I was able to relate to him a lot and the spirit was really strong for the little time that I was able to interview him, he also got baptized the same day as the hermanita Elsa. It was an awesome day I`m super excited for her and for Kevin. 

My companion and I are getting along well, I try to talk to him a lot in the street because he`s a little timid and doesnt talk much. I think it`s just that getting used to be in the mission but he`s a cool elder and were getting along well. Today we went to Pimentel again and played soccer on a synthetic soccer field with the zone it was sweet, we also took some pictures with some cool boats. It`s funny because we take a bus ride from Chiclayo about 25 minutes through complete dirt and dust and then you get to this cool little beach town. It`s a cool spot to have pday and to hang out with the zone. 

I feel bad because I can`t really respond to what has been going on at home but I wanted to get out a quick summary of the week and what happened. Be waiting for some letters! I love you guys so much! Chao!!!

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