Monday, November 12, 2012

... June 25th, 2012

Hey, i`m doing good! How`s everything going with you guys? I guess I`m kind of adjusted to living out of the country, I`ve been able to learn a ton and a different language. I was thinking if I`ll ever end up needing to speak in spanish after the mission, maybe it i`ll be able to help me out. I feel pretty confident now with my spanish but I still need to keep learning, the thing is that you get to a certain point when you can talk and converse with people and you stop practicing. But I`m helping my companion l with his english, and he`s  helping me to better pronounce the words so i`m reading the book of mormon in spanish out loud I`m noticing that it helps a lot. That`s a bummer that Ava has been sick, luckily I`m yet to get sick my companion got super sick about 4 weeks ago. I always stay away from sketchy looking food and unbottled water and it seems to be helping me out. Bryce needs to watch out with the girls they`re nothing but trouble haha, that`s crazy to think he`ll be a junior this next coming year. I`m glad you had the missionaries over for dinner, it`s sweet to be able to go and eat at the members houses. Are they missionaries in our ward or in the stake, I don`t remember ever seeing missionaries. The pictures with that Blue Mckaw are super sweet, the coloring of that bird is really cool. Talking about excersising my comp and I have been trying to excersise in the morning before breakfast. We`ve been running and doing pushups and small excersises to stay in shape, I feel kind of crummy when we don`t get to go out and go running or excersise. Oh I almost forgot to tell you guys about Elder Law that one kid that lives by the richins is in my zone and I see him about 2 times a week, he`s a cool guy he`s pretty timid but super nice. We were talking about how I went over to his house a couple times and a little bit about Kasey. Sounds like he`s enjoying these first couple of weeks, his trainer is cool. 

So this week was super cool and i`m way tired. On Thursday we had a leader training for all the DL`s in the mission and got to see some of my old companions Elder Pacori I`m not sure why he was there cause he`s a ZL, and Elder Velarde. It was cool to talk to them a little bit and see how they`re doing. We ate KFC and took some pictures I don`t have the pictures but they`re supposed to send them out to us. On Friday we had service and helped this lady tear down part of her house and rebuild it with mud bricks. It`s always a humbling experience to see where some of the people live here in Peru, it makes you grateful for what you have. And we were getting everything squared away for this Saturday so that Silvia could get baptized. On friday she had an interview with one of the ZL`s, and on saturday she was baptized. It was cool because President Risso showed up to our baptismal service which was cool, I had to direct the service so I was a little nervous but everything came out really well. My companion baptized her, and I confirmed her on sunday in sacrament meeting. I`m super stoked about the two converts that we have had in our area, I`m convinced that they are people out there waiting and prepared. What makes it cool for me is their testimonies, on sunday Oscar our other convert that got baptized about a month ago was paying his tithing. I was talking with my companion a little bit about the testimony that the investigadors have to have before they`re baptized. It`s kind of tough to get a real strong testimony, you really got to want it and fight for it. 

Thanks for all the support and i`ll talk to you guys next week! Love you! :D 


P.S. I promise i`m going to send letters

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