Monday, November 12, 2012

Hii!! Aug, 13th, 2012

Hey family! How`s it been? I`m glad to hear everyone is doing well. It`s bummer that dad is feeling super busy and overwhelmed that`s sometimes the worst, but then sometimes it`s good to stay busy. I was looking over the pictures that you sent me and thought I saw this girl that looked like Bryce then I realized that it was Bryce haha, cut your hair dude! The girls will like you more I promise ;) hahah. It was funny to see pictures of the dogs, I couldn`t tell which one was Lulu but they looked cute. You`ll have to prepare everything so that Joel can get baptized, that`s cool that Bryce is going to baptize him. Make sure you guys practice before so you don`t end up like my companion and having to baptize Joel three or four times ha. 

Your very right about the holy ghost it`s funny how we sometimes we don`t listen to that still small voice, or we are too busy to slow things down or to really just listen attentively. It`s super important too because you never know it could be a prompting from the holy ghost that helps you throughout your day. It actually happened to us this week when we were tracting in the morning, we were headed to the house of an inactive to visit her daughter who isn`t member when we decided to knock this random door. We knocked the door and an older man came to the door, he was going through a hard time and has bad health. I don`t know if he`ll ever progress just because he hasn`t really shown us much interest, but we felt good to know that we could help someone out who was in need. 

Well this week has been good I`m getting to know my companion a lot better, and were pretty good friends now. It`s always a little different at the beginning of the change with your companion because you don`t know each other well. But I`d have to say that if you don`t have a good relationship with you companion your gonna be miserable. Your companion is like your family for the short time your with him whether it be six weeks or twelve. Luckily all the companions I`ve had in the mission so far have been super cool and we`ve gotten along really well. We were kind of bummed out this week because we weren`t able to find our investigadores that our progressing, and they haven`t been able to fufill their commitments. But were super stoked to work hard this week so that they can fufill with their commitments and progress. We`ve got a couple of investigadores and families as well that our good prospects right now we just got to play our cards right teach by the spirit and work with the members so that they can recieve a testimony and fufill with their commitments. On sunday I had to give a talk in sacrament and they told us to talk on Missionary work, I don`t know why they didn`t assign us a different topic we talked the last time on missionary work but we did it again this week. My talk turned out okay I think, I talked about our personal conversion and how we need to be converted to actually have the desire and want to help in the missionary work. Like what happened to the son of Alma he talks about his conversion and how he was trying to destroy the church of christ and then repented and did missionary work after, he tells his conversion story in alma 36 I think if I remember right. It`s a cool chapter. 

Today we went to ZaƱa a little city outside of Lambeyeque with the zone it was pretty sweet we checked out an old church. I don`t have my cable to send pictures...sorry! Love you guys!!! You`ll have to let me know if you got those letters!

Elder Connelly 

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