Monday, November 12, 2012

Semana 5 August 27th, 2012


Thanks for the email and the update on whats going on at home, I´m so glad to hear about Konnor I´m so stoked for him. How´d he open up his talk?? Hes going to do so well in his mission, it´s crazy to think that I won´t see him for three years :( If you could get a hold of his address I want to write him a letter ASAP. I feel like a loser I haven´t written my friends much I sent letters out this week and last week to some people hopefully they get them. I´m happy you were able to end summer well, all the pictures of bear lake looked so cool. It looks like you guys are at the ocean it was soo sweet. Tell Bryce to get a haircut he´s growing out a mullet like Dad had hahaha. It´s funny that you guys swung by some of the old places where you used to eat, I actually went one time I think with my buddies to that chinese place if I´m remember right I´m not sure. I´m bummed out for Corey and Terri, they had that dog for a really long time, it reminded me of Jazz we had her for about 16 years if I remember right. 

So this week was really pretty interesting, it flew by like all the other weeks in the mission. On wednesday I visited the elders in my district that are in Eten a little ocean side town and was with Elder larson from arizona. He´s a stud, super cool and I was able to learn a lot from him and I hope I was able to help their area out a little. It´s getting to be pretty cold lately, but it´s good because I don´t want it to be hot haha. In the morning on Thursday we left Eten to downtown Chiclayo to a multizone conference with about 6 other zones. President Risson and the assistents talked about a lot of things that are going to help the mission out I think. Were thinking about doing english classes in our area we´ll see how that turns out haha. On friday night the assistents called us and told us that they were going to do a work visit and be with us tracting on saturday afternoon. So they showed up on saturday and we had divisions and I went with one of the gringo assistents and my comp with the Elder Chuiz. It was cool I guess they´re visiting all the areas where the new elders are getting trained because they´re going to have a training for all the new trainers. I think that means that i´m probably going to get changed from my area this change. I definitely don´t want to leave but while I was talking to Elder Hatch one fo the assistents while we were tracting he made it sound like I was going to have a change this change. I´m hoping for one change more here because our investigadors are just starting to come around and keep their commitments it would be kind of devistating if they pulled me our of our area. We´ve been working with this family of about 4 and two of them showed up to sacrament meeting yesterday along with Hna Irma. That made my week I was super excited for her. When I was with one of the assistents on saturday we went to irma´s house and visited her. She told us how she doesn´t believe that there is a life after we die. We explained to her a little bit of Plan of Salvation, her husband died 7 years ago and it really hit her hard. But we were able to help her out. It´s so neat when you see someone that is in need of the gospel, it makes them so much more receptive of the spirit. I learned a lot this week, I think I really need to work on being a little less direct with people when I´m teaching sometimes I don´t let the spirit do it´s job in the lessons and I want people to keep their commitments or understand certain principles. It´s something I´m going to work on this week. There was a cool experience that I had on Thursday after the multizone conference we were tracting and I felt the impression to go to the house of one of our investigadors when our appointment had fallen through, so we went to his house and someone from his family came to the door and before we could present ourselves he let us in and said that he´d wanted to listen to us. He said he wanted to change his life and that he had been going through problems with his wife, so we talked about faith and repentance with him. He seemed super interested and excited to put into practice those principles. It was something cool that happened to me this week. It´s super important to always be listening to the spirit because you never know when your going to get a small impression. It was sad last week my companion´s grandma died and so he called home at about 7pm and talked with his family for about 15 minutes, I tried to help him out with what I could. He seemed to be okay until we went to go eat dinner and he started crying I felt super bad for him. He seems to be doing better this week, but It put a damper on our week. My companion is sometimes really quiet and timid but I think it hit him kind of hard that his grandma died. It´s special that we have the restored gospel in our lives and that through jesus christ we can live with our families forever if we keep the commandments and our sealed in a temple by the holy priesthood. His grandma was sealed in the temple and so that helps a lot. The comfort and blessings that the gospel brings to our lives is soo special we have to recognize these blessings and do whatever we can to serve others. Thanks for all the love and support!!! I´ll talk to you guys next week, sorry that I keep putting off sending pictures...I haven´t taken any. But love you!!

-Elder Connelly

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