Monday, November 12, 2012

:P July 9th, 2012

 Tell Grandma Terri to get better! :D It`s sweet that she`s able to get that type of surgery done so that she doesn`t lose her vision. I was soooo stoked to hear about Konnor and his mission call! I hope that everything goes well for him, he`s going to love that mission. That`d be cool if he ended up running into Tanner Lund. Ashley Miller is right about that the mission goes by too fast, I think it`s because you do the same thing everyday not that it`s a bad thing but you have the same routine. Bryce better be jumping higher than 6 feet at that BYU track camp haha, what events is he doing? Long jump? High jump? Crazy to hear about that forest fire, but cool that there was rain to stop the fire. Dan seems to be living quite a sweet life right now, I`m happy that everything is going well for him. I liked the pictures a lot...I always say that but I did they were cool haha.

This week has gone really good, I`m super super tired. It`s been one of the hardest working weeks of my life I think. We`ve been working with this one kid named Jesús he`s an adventist and has a lot of questions but we watched a video of the Restoration and left him a book of mormon. We had to call him the night that we gave him the book of mormon so that he would read and pray, he ended up doing it but he was super tired when he read and prayed so he wasn`t able to recieve an answer. We`ve been trying to do everything we can so that our investigadors keep their commitments but they have their free agency and we can only do so much. We are also teaching this one family and the dad is named Oscar, the family is super awesome and him and his kids want to be baptized and have been coming to church consistently but he has some super sketchy problems with the law. He`s waiting for his trial, were not really sure what he did but he has to be careful when he`s in the street. It`s a bummer because he wants to be able to start over again and start a new life. Help his kids so that they can grow up in the church and in the gospel. But hes got some super serious problems. We`ve been struggling a little bit with the people that are progressing because they have problems like they aren`t married or they`re waiting a trial and so they can`t progress up to a baptism. But a lot of our new investigadores showed up to church this sunday on their own! You can really see the progress of someone when they come to church with out you passing by their house to remind them or go to church with them. On sunday I was super stoked to see Silvia the lady that was baptized 3 weeks ago paying her tithing, and Oscar was also paying his tithing last week. My companion and I were talking a lot about how we need to prepare our investigadors to meet up with the requirements that are in DyC 20:37. I know that the people that have been baptized in the 2 changes I have with my companion our "converts" they`ve been able to recieve a testimony and really repent and change their lives. Tengo muchos ánimos de trabajar, that`s how I feel right now with the work here in our area. 

Sorry I haven`t sent ANY letters lately it`s so much easier to just write an email than to write letters. But I bought some envelopes and I`m going to send letters to everyone. I`m a bum when it comes to writing letters but I`m going to be better about it. I love you guys and hope that everything is going good with you! :D Until next week!


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