Monday, November 12, 2012

Paintballing? Nov. 5th, 2012

Seeing all the pictures that you sent me made me miss Halloween a ton haha, they don`t do anything here in Perú for Halloween it`s lame. I liked a lot your guy`s costumes haha, Evan looked cool as Dracula and that picture of Joel is cool cause his eyes are soo blue he`d better watch out the chicks are gonna want him for that haha. Tell Eli I liked his cool Frankenstein costume tell him that somebody really cool used it before him :) The leaves look awesome with all the orange, yellow and red there`s nothing of that here in Chiclayo there`s just a lot of dirt and a dust and wind but what can ya do. I`m glad that you were able to enjoy halloween and go trick or treating. I hope you guys liked the pictures of us cutting pumpkins last week.

So this week was good we had some problems in the zone with some of the elders because they don`t get along very well so that was kind of a bummer. This elder in the zone has had problems with everysingle one of his companions up until now in the mission. He sometimes doesn`t like to listen to his companion and he likes to do everything in his own way and doesn`t like to recieve councils or suggestions. Everything is better now but whenever you have problems with your compy it makes it hard to teach and if you can`t teach with the spirit the people don`t recieve that spiritual confirmation that they need. We are working right now with a family named Cuespan Amisfuen, they`re awesome well at least the parents are really cool. The mom and dad have come to church and we`re teaching the whole family but we need to work with the young men and women and the ward so that their daughters can get excited about the church. We went to a baptismal service in another area with part of the family and it didn`t turn out so well because the kid that was going to get baptized has a phobia of water and didn`t want to be baptized. We had to wait like 40 minutes for this kid to get baptized and so it was kind of a pain and the daughter weren`t so happy because they had to wait forever to see the baptism. I`m pretty sure that if we work with the young men and young women in the ward they`ll get baptized this next month with their parents if not this month. We`ve also been working really hard with Elvis still, he has problems with alcohol and didn`t come to church yesterday. We have an appointment with him like right now at 8pm so we`re going to go see what`s up with him and verify how hes doing, he has a baptismal date for the 24th of this month. Keep Elvis and the family Cuespan Amisfuen in your prayers :) We`re also trying to reactivate this lady named Jacky, she`s nice and really friendly we`re also teaching her daughter Brenda so that she can get baptized. It was a let down this week becaue we saw Jacky drinking in the street with some of her friends and he daughter Brenda was right there with her. The next day we visited her and she tried to lie to us and tell us it was fruit juice that she was drinking haha, but we`re gonna be working with her a lot. This week has been a lot better because I`ve become better friends with my compy and it makes the transfers that much better when your companion is your friend. 

So tomorrow we have zone conference with all the zone leaders in the mission and the asistents i`m excited to see what it is they have planned for the mission. We finished this month with 8 baptisms in the zone, and we finished the first week of November with 4. Sometimes its dificult because when the zone doesn`t baptize or have much success not that baptisms and numbers show the success of a person we are responsable. Everyone in our zone is super sweet and hard working so we`ve been having a lot of success and people are joining the lords church. 

Today was pretty awesome Bryce is going to be jealous, we went paintballing with our zone here in Chiclayo. It turned out to be pretty sweet just like in the united states. Everyone seems to have had a good time, for most of the missionaries it was the first time that had done it and so everyone had fun. The paintball field was fairly large and the guns they rented us were Spyder`s just a standard paintball gun but I had good time and wished that Dad and Bryce were there so I could rock them haha. The guns were nothing like using a gun with a lengthen trigger and an electric hopper but it was worth it. We payed about 10 dollars (25 soles) to play for and hour and a half. It made me remember all those times we went paintballing in pegleg paintball off I-15 with mitch and john hahah those are some funny times. 

That`s so weird to hear about Tate getting home from his mission on Wednesday you`ll have to take a picture with him and send me a photo. It feels like yesterday that he left...when you see him tell him I say hi and to not get married before I get home haha. I was thinking a little bit about that the other day and how people get married so fast after getting home from their missions. But tell him I say hi! And also tell Laurie Scott congradulations for making the mormon tabernacle choir!!! 

Thanks for writing me and sending pictures, I`m going to send some pictures from today paintballing a little later when we are planning for the zone conference tomorrow so that you guys can see what it was like. Love you guysssssss!!

-Elder Connelly

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