Monday, February 25, 2013

hello...Hello...hello 11/12/12

Hey you probably shouldn`t send me pictures of the snow in Utah cause it makes me all home sick and sad knowing that I won`t be able to ski in that snow...haha. That looks so pretty with all the snow and the mountains makes me miss Utah a lot, there`s not too much to see in my area other than a lot of dirt and dust but that`s Chiclayo for ya haha. Sometimes it`s a pain because you get small specks of dust caught in your eyes you should send me my snowboarding goggles so I can track with those on :) That`s freakin crazy that Tate just got home, you´ll have to tell him I say hi. Did you guys go to his homecoming oh well I guess he wont have it til next week or the week after. Bryce is pimpin it up on the dates with the chicks uhhh  hahahha that`s cool i`m sure he`s enjoying that, but your definitely right mom he should avoid "movie watching" dates haha. Good to hear Joels surgery went well, tell him to feel better for me! 

So we had the zone conference on Tuesday and it was pretty sweet, it`s always been pretty special to go and hear about all the plans for the mission and all the work we´ve done. October was supposively the lowest month in baptisms for the mission, we finished with about 68 I think. It`s been a cool meeting to go to because President talks about all his worries in the mission and the plans that he has and his vision of the mission, he talks about doctrine and all sorts of cool stuff. We presented our work plan for the zone for this month and we`re excited about the plans we have. On Friday we had a work visit in Santa Victoria, it`s like the richest part of Chiclayo I think. When I was tracting there I felt like I was in the united states it was weird ha. I was with Elder Worsham he`s a stud, he`s from South Jordan I think he went to Taylorsville High. It really was a humbling experience because freaking nobody and I mean nadie wants to listen to you. There`s just a ton of doorbells with the microphone thing to talk through and so doing contacts is a complete failure in that area. It made me gain a lot of respect for the elders in that area. I`m so used to contacting people and being able to gain their trust and have a little conversation but the people in Santa Victoria don`t show any interest ha. 

This week we found 30 new investigadores it was bomb, we found a lot of families to teach and so we`re pretty happy about that. Sadly the baptism that we were going to have fell through because the dad doesn`t want to give permision to his daughter to get baptized...but we`re working with this super awesome family of 4 I think I already told you a little bit about them. On sunday it was cool because finally one of the members brought a friend to church and introduced us, we took out an appointment for this Thursday and she`s super interested so we`re going to see how everything works out there.

Thanks for writing tell Bryce and Dad and them to take like 5 minutes to shoot me a small email! Haha. I like to hear from you guys and know what`s going on. Talk to you next week!!!

-Elder Connelly

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