Monday, February 25, 2013

Batallon Mormon, Beach, and Work, Visit Week

I don´t know what you guys did this week because you haven´t written me yet, but I had a good week well a really long week for a change. I´ve been so used to having time go by so fast but this week went by pretty slow. This week I got to tract with Elder Cabrera again in his area, we visited their area to see how they´re working and to help them out a bit. They´re office elders so they really don´t have that much time to work so it was really just a work visit to get them excited about tracting and out working. I respect the office elders a lot because they´re always in the office and busy and sometimes they don´t get to go out and work. But anyways it was sweet to get to go tracting with Elder Cabrera again, we were remembering all the good times we had in La Unión. It was cool to teach with him and see how much we´ve progressed, we taught a couple of really spiritual lessons it was sweet. 

On Thursday we had a Batallón Mormón in a small area in our zone called Ciudad de Dios, it´s a branch and so we went there with the zone to look for new investigadors and to contact. We also went to San José a small fisher town that same morning to do some contacting and to help people get to know the church a little better. According to Pte Risso they´re going to put two more elders in San José in the next transfer. I´m stoked about that, it´s cool to see the missionary work make progress. I tracted in San José with one of the missionaries in the zone and practically everyone that lives there is a fisher, so it makes it kind of difficult. It´s pretty easy to teach lot of women and children but all the men are out in the ocean fishing all day. I´m interested to see how that goes when they put a companionship in this new area. We went there today with the zone and we were playing soccer on the beach and hanging out it was pretty fun. 

This week in our area we´ve been working hard trying to find new investigadors to teach, our main problem is that no one comes to church on Sunday. This week luckily we had investigadors in the chapel. We found this special lady this week named Elsa, we were contacting wednesday morning in our area and we knocked on her metal gate door. She came out from her house and told us to come back in 15 minutes to teach her, so we contacted 15 minutes more and came back to her house. She kindly let us in and we got to know her a little better and she told us that her husband had passed away more than 15 years ago. Shes about 74 and lives alone with her kids. We asked her if she knew where her husband was and she told us that she had no idea, and so we were able to explain to her about plan of salvation and the spirit world. It made me reflect a lot about the blessing that it is to have this plan in our lives, to know that we can live together forever with our families. She seemed really excited to here what we had for her, sadly she didn´t go to church on Sunday but I have faith that she is going to progress soon. 

I just read the news about the new baby!! CONGRADULATIONS! Haha I about passed out here in the internet cafe, it really threw me off guard to read about that. Is everyone super excited about having a new kid? Mom your going to have to be so patient haha, you´ve got a lot of work ahead of you! That´s so crazy I really can´t believe it, but it´s going to be super cool. I hope that i´ll be able to see it on Mothers days when I talk to you guys again. I´m really like completely blown away right now, I don´t know what to think haha. It makes me remember the night when you told us that Eva was going to be born. I thought that you guys were done having kids, hahah that´s awesome. When do you know if it´s a boy or girl? Hahaha I´m still completely confused and shocked haha. But i´m super happy for you guys wow, I´m going to have another brother/sister our family is going to be gigantic. You have to keep me up to date on how the baby is and when you know if its a boy or girl. 

I´ll talk to you guys next week! Congratulations again! Haha that´s some crazy news, Im going to be blown away all this week I think haha. Love you guys! 

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