Monday, February 25, 2013

Pictures 1/7/13

Thanks for keeping me updated and what´s going on at home! I like to know how everyone is, and what everyone has been up to. Oh and thanks for the packages that you´ve sent me it´s the best to get packages from home it makes your week here in the mission. Everyone is super jealous of all my ties haha. My new companion loves beef jerky and ate a lot of the beef jerky with me haha. I´m super excited to get that slip and slide in my package it´ll for sure help me to work on my tan and it gets so hot here in Chiclayo that i´m sure it will get in handy :D hahahaha. 

This week was hectic with all the meetings that we had and transfers. On tuesday we were in the health clinic for a while because my companion has been sick. We didn´t get to work as much as we would have liked in our area with what we´ve had to do this week. On Thursday we had the monthly zone council meeting, I was happy/bummed out because the zone where I was at has had so much success and I´m not even there to enjoy it....but it´s okay I´m trying to understand why the Lord has put me in this new area ha. President Risso talked to us about the faith, it was really spiritual and cool I would write all about it but it would take too much time ha. Then the next day on Friday we had a leadership meeting with all the district leaders and zone leaders in the mission, I was pretty tired from sitting down for such a long time. Our mission president is an inspired man and he´s always so worried about the well being of the mission and the missionaries it´s cool. 

Yesterday was cool we we´re knocking doors finally! My companion doesn´t really like to knock doors so we don´t contact as much as I would like but we knocked this one door and a girl came to the door and we talked to her for about 5 minutes there in the door and she let us in. She let us in a lot easier than most people do, so we asked her what made her open the door and let us come in and teach her. She said that something had told her that she needed to let us in her house, we have an appointment with her this week so we´ll see how it goes. It was just a cool little experience we had, Im convinced the Lord puts his children in our way so that we can teach them about the restored gospel. 

On sunday we got to see the new bishop in action, he´s a pretty neat bishop he´s already been bishop two times so he´s doing a good job. The whole bishopric got changed and we dont have a mission leader it´s kind of a bummer we´re hoping that they call one soon! Other than that I´m not too sure what else has happened this week haha. I´m doing good trying to stay healthy and we´re just working hard here in our area :) Thanks for the packages and the stuff you´ve sent me!! Love you

-Elder Connelly

P.S. Here are pictures from the past couple of weeks, one of the stuffed hay manequin we burned, me and my companion at christmas time, and one of my buddies here in the mission from AF 

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