Monday, February 25, 2013

Christmas Time :) 12/10/12

Hiii, i`m doing good! I had a good week it was kind of a really long week but it was good :) How`s it going? Wow it`s getting really cold in Utah, I definetely miss the cold weather sometimes it`s getting to be a little bit hotter here now. I`m adjusted to the heat but it`s getting a lot hotter like in Arizona. Bryce is gettin pretty serious with his girlfriend it sounds like hahaha, how`d he meet her? You`ll have to fill me in a little more about that ;) You guys were watching the Grinch? That movie is a classic, I`m suprised dad has never seen it since Jim Carrey is the main character. That should be sweet to go and see Hobbit let me know if it ended up being a cool movie or if it was lame...When did Eli make that birthday wish?? Haha that made me laugh, I like to hear about the little kids and what they`re doing. I need to write Jessie a letter I haven`t written him at all I`m a loser. I`m glad he`s making so much progress, I`m going to keep him in my prayers. 

This week went good on Tuesday some elders from Guadalupe came to Chiclayo because they had to go to the hospital and they slept in our apartment. It was cool because we did splits with them and one of them had been my Zone Leader in Cajamarca so I got to catch up with him and talk for a while. On Wednesday we had a MultiZone meeting with about half of the missionaries that are here in Chiclayo and a Area Authority with his wife spoke and trained us at the MultiZone meeting. He`s name is Elder Camargo you probably haven`t heard of him but he taught us a lot about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it is a Gospel of action. I took a lot of notes but I don`t want to waste too much time writing about it. hah. 

We`ve been working with this one reference named Genesis I wrote about her. She stills has her baptismal date for the 29th of this month. We couldn`t find her all this week and she came to church yesterday. We took advantage of the opportunity to teach her while she was in the chapel. It`s awesome because she pretty much does everything herself we don`t have to always be reminding her to keep her commitments, she`s fully commited to everything we invite her to do. But in the lesson we had with her yesterday we taught about the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom. She said she wouldn`t have any problem with these commandments and that she was willing to keep them, and then we asked her how she was feeling about her baptism on the 29th. She suprised us by saying that without question she is going to get baptized. That`s like the one thing a missionary wants to hear from their investidagores, it was pretty great. We`re going to try and meet up with her this week and see what happens. 

We`re also working with this family that has been coming to church and we put a baptismal date for the whole family for the 29th of this month. There`s three of them and so were going to do everything we can to get them to fufill their commitments and keep the commandments. We`ve been blessed in our area and we`ve found some really great investigadores. Keep Diana, Mercy, and Aldair in your prayers :D were going to be working with them this whole month. Oh yeah on Friday we sang christmas hymns in the stake relief society meeting, which turned out to be pretty cool. I can`t remember what songs we sang but one of the sisters in the zone knows how to play the violin and it was turned out good. 

Nothing too crazy happened this week, I`ve been listening to a lot of Christmas music at night. It`s super relaxing. Oh we put in our shower heater and now we have hot water, that was a highlight of this week, it`s funny sometimes because if my head touches the shower head I get shocked haha. The shower in our new apartment is a little bit bigger so it makes showering more enjoyable..and the toilet is also higher off the ground :) Things continue to go well in the zone and we`re just working and enduring to the end trying to pull through and have success. I`ve gotten a lot closer to my comp and we get along really well, I think i`ve been blessed to have awesome companions my whole missions because they`ve all been cool. Sometimes you can get in small arguements but I`ve gotten along really well with all my comps. 

I was reading the book of mormon this week about Alma and Amulek when they bust out of jail, it so awesome ahhaha sometimes I wish the book of mormon could be a movie. Alma and Almulek were so awesome teaching the gospel in Ammonihah. I`m going to try to finish the BOM before the end of this week Im not sure if I´ll make it but we´ll see. 

Today for PDay we did a Jinkana, it`s like a activity with a lot of different small games that you play with a group of people. We played this game where I got super deezy and felt like I was going to throw up haha, it reminded me of Lagoon. I never liked getting spinned in circles. I think I get that from Dad. But it was a pretty good day, I think the zone liked it too luckily. Its tough because if you plan something and the zone doesn`t like it we get the blame always haha. 

I`m stoked to get the packages you`ve sent me! :))))) Love you and talk to you next weeeeekkKKK!!!!!


P.S. sorry for the pictures they`re the only ones I have this week my comp thought he was funny and took the pictures hahaha

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