Monday, February 25, 2013

Endurance 12/3/12

This has been one of the longer weeks of my mission. I`m not sure why but it went by so slowww. We had to do a ton this week and I thought it was going to go by faster but it went by pretty slow. We had to move from our apartment to another place. It was kind of a bummer because we were living in this member`s house and it was a lot bigger than where we`re living now and it was in a nicer place. We had to move on Saturday morning and we were doing that all Saturday morning and on Friday we had a baptismal interview in Santa Rosa (the new area that just got opened up in the zone!) It`s the first baptism in this small fishing town in our zone we`re all pretty excited about the baptism. We took advantage of the situation and did a work visit with the elders that are in that area because of how far away they are from our area. I stayed there and tracted with Elder Canales he`s one of my better buddies here in the mission because we`ve been together in the same zones up until now in my mission. It`s funny because just about everyone in the city is evangelist and so they always like to argue about the doctrine and so sometimes it makes it hard to teach with the spirit. But it was a good experience and I always like getting to teach and tract with other elders to learn more. We got our tshirts too that was cool, they turned out to be pretty cool I`m going to attach a picture of me with the shirts we made. Today we hung out with the zone and ate tacos in Monsefu in the church it was fun just like we always do. 

We`re getting better and better in our lessons, our unity could be a lot better but I think it`s a lot better than it was from the beginning in this change. We`re still teaching the family calle cordova and they`re progressing a lot they went to church yesterday and they also went to the devotional last night. But they still don`t want to accept a baptismal date so we`re trying to help them to get a testimony. One of the daughters has told us that she prayed about the book of mormon and recieved an answer and knows it`s true, but for the family like for lots of people its hard to leave behind traditions. Sorry to only write this much but I don`t have a lot of time left to write...I attached some pictures of our new apartment and the shirt that we made for the zone :) Love you until next week!

-Elder Connelly

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