Monday, February 25, 2013

HI family 1/14/13

This week came and went I think it´s because we´ve been so busy lately. I´m drained of energy right now haha, we went and played soccer today with the zone. Oh yeah and transfers were last week and Elder Sampson is in the zone now! It´s been pretty cool having him around but at the same time really weird because it makes me remember being home, we were talking today a lot about what has been going on at home with some of the people we went to school with. So to fill you in on what happened this week, we had our zone training on wednesday and we talked about our zone goals and some of our plans for this month in the zone. All the elders seem to be hard working but some of them aren´t the most obedient I´m not really one to talk haha but we´re trying to help some of the elders out in the zone so that they can keep the rules. In the training we did practices with this thing that the mission made that´s called Plan 37:7 (there´s a scripture in Alma 37:7), it´s used for anyone that has a baptismal date. Whenever we set a baptismal date for an investigador we make this Plan 37:7 to concretize (if that´s the right word) the baptismal date so that it doesn´t fall through. A lot of time we set dates for our investigadors so that they can get baptized and in the progress of our teaching doubts or problems come up and they don´t get baptized. So the mission has implemented this sheet to help us use members, the BOM, etc to solve the problems and doubts of our investigadors, we did practiced with that in our zone meeting and it turned out really well. And on Thursday the doctors from the area that cover Peru, Bolivia, Chile and some other countries that I can´t remember came to our mission to teach us how to take care of ourselves and teach us some tips so that we can better maintain ourselves healthy. They asked me to help out with some of the translation for a missionary couple that had come from Seattle and had only been out for a couple of months. The training helped out a lot I think, it definitely made me want to get up more often in the morning to do excercises. Speaking of that I´ve been using that jump rope that you sent me, it´s useful especially because my companion doesn´t want to get up and go jogging. Sometimes I´m not to excited about doing sit ups or push ups in the morning because of how much we walk haha but I think it helps a lot.
As far as the missionary work goes we´re bummed out for our investigadors because this week we had a good number of lessons, we visited with members, and swung by the investigador´s houses sunday morning and no one made it to church on Sunday. We´re having a hard time getting our investigadors to commit themselves. On tuesday we found this bomb family, and we talked to them about eternal families and the priesthood. We we´re contacting in our area in this part a little bit more wealthy and we ran into a old coulple..well not that old but they we´re sat down outside their house and they let us in and we talked to them and their family. The spirit was strong in the lesson, I always get pumped or super happy to teach when there´s a entire family in front of you. We took advantage of the opportunity and talked about temples and how they can be sealed for the eternities. I feel really blessed to have been born into an eternal family. We found that family on Tuesday in the afternoon and on Thursday we had an appointment but they called us and told us that they left on a trip to Cajamarca so this week we´re gonna visit them, I´ll keep you updated on that. We´re working with some other investigadors that really aren´t progressing that much. This week we invited most of them to be baptized but they always get cold feet and get super nervous when we talk about baptism. I don´t blame em for acting that way but we´re gonna be working really hard this week so that we can put a baptismal date. I feel pretty adjusted now in my new area and with my new companion. Sometimes we catch ourselves arguing because he always wants to do the opposite of what I want to do and so everytime that happens someone has to humble themselves and accept the others idea. I´m working on being less closed minded and trying to listen to others, sometimes I´m a little prideful haha. But I´m working on it. 

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