Monday, February 25, 2013

Feliz Ano Nuevo! 1/1/13

So it was really nice to get to talk to you guys on new years, it always weirds me out to see everyone on the video camera. I hope you guys could hear me alright when we talked. It was crazy to see Eva, mostly because she looks so much bigger than I remember her. Sorry that I didn`t let you know that I wasn`t going to be writing yesterday because they pushed our pday to tuesday because of new years and all the drunk people haha. I didn`t even know until sunday night that they were going to be doing that.

This week has been kind of interesting, I`m really getting kind of burned out lately. We`ve been going at it harder since Christmas just got over with and now the new year is beginning. On Friday we had to go to City of God it`s this small little town on the outskirts of Chiclayo because of a baptismal interview. The little family group(a family group is smaller than a branch, and a branch is smaller than a ward) is making a lot of progress out there, I haven`t been able to go tracting in the area yet but it seems to be progressing a lot. We haven`t seen a lot of progress with the investigadors in our area, It`s kind of a bummer. My companion isn`t too excited about getting out and knocking doors and we continue to try and work with the people that he and his companion were teaching. Were yet to see any results. I`m trying to get adjusted to my companion he`s a lot different than my other companion. We teach well together and I pretty much always feel the spirits in our lessons, so as far as that goes we`re doing well. I`m a little bummed because the zone didn`t have to much success this month, it was hard to leave the zone where we had done so much work and then get to another zone where there`s a ton of work to do. I was able to hear that some of the investigadors I was teaching with my old companion have gotten baptized. That made me pretty happy. On sunday our bishop got released, that was super sad because he was a really great bishop and he was soo sad when he gave his last testimony. We got to hear the new bishop speak in sacrament meeting and he seems to be really nice and down to earth, he shared a really strong testimony. The whole bishopric was changed, and so that caught me off guard. 

This week we put a baptismal date for one of our investigadors and she needs to get permission from her parents, she`s 14 If i`m not mistaken and she`s really desirous to follow christ. We`re gonna see this week if she can get baptized on the 12 her name is Stefani. Maybe you could keep her in your prayers :D It was pretty cool last night for new years because of all the crazy stuff the people were doing. All the people here burn like hay stuffed people, I wish I knew the word for that but they`re hay stuffed people with fireworks inside. We left our apartment for a little to watch all the people light off their fireworks and watch them burn their hay stuffed people the name for that still is coming to me haha. I thought a lot about this past year in the mission last night, and I feel pretty good about what I did with my companions and feel good about the work. Im really amped for this year, I hope that I can take advantage of this time and do the best I can :] ON a side note me and my companion got`s not too bad but my companion went to the hospital today because he has asthma and so if he gets too sick with the flu it can really affect him alot. we both have flu type symptomns. I`m feeling a lot better already but it`s a crummy because this week we have a million things to do. The beginning of every month is always the most nuts and crazy. Oh well...oh so I guess the packages you sent me got here :DDD Thanks so0ooooo much it`s the best thing to get a package, straightup makes your week everytime letters too. Oh and don`t forget about the pictures that I was hopping you could send!  :DDD I really wanteed to send a christmas package this month but I just never found time to do it :( I feel bad but i`m going to try and write some letters to everyone. I really have slacked off on that, it`s just so easy to email every week! But io`m going to try and write some lettesr i`ts the best to get those drawings from the little kids !! Love you guysss sooo much talk to you next week. SOrry theres no pictures because the comp is soo slow that I can`t download nada...byeee!

-Elder Connelly

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