Monday, February 25, 2013

Merryyy Christmaassss 12/17/12

Wow, it made me really miss Christmas in Utah when I saw all the pictures that you sent me. Christmas just isn`t the same here in Perú...but it`s been nice seeing some Christmas lights around. It`s definitely not like in Utah but you can feel the Christmas spirit. I really liked seeing the pictures of the family, I feel like everyone has changed soo much. Maybe it`s just me but Ava looks completely different and it feels super weird to see our house...I`m glad you guys are enjoying Christmas and doing a lot to keep that christmas spirit. We have one Christmas sock put up in our apartment hahaha we`re not to crazy about putting up a bunch of stuff in our apartment. Bryce is thinking about learning to play the banjo? What`s going on Bryce? Hahha. That`s cool i`m sure he`ll be good at just like at the drums. 

This week was jammed packed with tons of things that we had to do...on Tuesday we had Zone Council with all the ZL`s. It was cool the asistents talked about how are contacting can be more effective. President talked a little bit about the visit we had from Elder Camargo when he came a couple weeks ago. Then on Wednesday we had zone meeting with the elders and sisters and talked about similiar things in our zone meeting. We did a bunch of practices with contacting and how we can use the book of mormon to answer questions of the soul. It turned out to be a really spiritual meeting I think , It was cool. On Thursday we did a service project in our area and we painted in one of our investigadors houses, we`ve been teaching this family and they wanted us to help them out. So we painted their house that`s why I sent a couple of pictures where i`m in normal clothes hah. It`s a bummer because the family is struggling to progress because they don`t make to church everyweek so we`ve been trying to figure out what their main need was. They told us that their uncle is a catholic priest and that they didn`t want to cause any problems in their family by going to the mormon church. We we`re able to help them understand a little bit more about how they can overcome a challenge like this when there are people that keep us from doing what is right. On Friday we had to do divisions because of all the baptismal interviews we had in the zone, we had our second baptism in Sta Rosa (the new area) and so that was pretty awesome. On saturday we went to one of the baptisms in the zone. We`ve been running around everywhere it feels like this week. It`s been crazy. 

Oh sadly I didn`t think this was going to happen but there was changes this week. I thought that they were going to leave me here for three weeks more, because these changes are like in the middle of this transfer because there are lots of elders that are headed home for christmas. So we had emergency transfers in the middle of this transfer. Anyways yesterday we reported the zone`s numbers and they told us the transfers and I`m leaving :( it was so random I had no idea that they were going to take me out of my area. Just because I don`t have a lot of time here. It`s a bummer because I was planning on staying three weeks more and staying here for Christmas and now I^m headed to an area that I`ve never been in. I had an interview with President Risso on saturday and he didn`t tell me anything about me having a transfer but today in the morning he told me he was sorry but that they had to change me..I was soo bummed to have to have a change. One because I like my comp and two because christmas is next week..It`s okay though, i`m only going to be about 5 minutes from my current area and my comp is elder tamani I think he`s from the jungle here in Peru. I told elder ocampos that I`d try and give him the stuff that you guys sent in my package haha. The two of us were super confused when they we heard about the transfers. But I`m sure it`s for a reason, even though it`s not something that I really wanted. 

Oh on sunday we talked to Genesis the girl that is going to get baptized on the 29th and we were talking to her and we asked her how she was feeling about her baptism date. She said that she was excited and was happy how the gospel is changing her life. She told us thanks for teaching me the gospel and helping me to change my life. It was really cool to here her say that and watch her change her life. I read in my patriartical blessing that I would see people find enduring happiness as they centered their lives around Jesus Christ and now I`m seeing it happen. Sadly Îm not even going to be in this area...but I`m going to try and go to her baptism well at least I hope so..

Well I hope everything goes well for you guys during christmas and I`m excited to call on christmas and see everyone! Thanks for the packages and all the love you give me :) I hope you like the pictures!

-Elder Connelly

The pictures are from the service project, the christmas buletin, and in the pension today with the pensionista´s family. 

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