Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Birthday ELI 7/15/13

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELI I wish I could have been there to wish you a happy birthday but I guess I´ll have to do it through my email to you guys HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELI!! From the pictures you sent me looks like you guys had a good time with the cake and everything :) I´m not going to lie all the pictures you guys send make me miss the mountains and green. I´m glad you were able to go and see Kash it´s weird to think that he´s already back from his mission. If some of my friends want to be there in the airport when I get back it´s fine by me. 

This week was good, I´m learning a lot from my companion and from the experiences we are having here in our area. I feel really blessed because my companion is obedient and likes to work hard and that´s what we need to be successful as missionaries. Especially right now it´s helping me because i´m getting close to finishing. God has given me companions that i´ve needed to be able to learn and progress, I was able to think a lot this week about the mission and the things i´ve learned and it´s the best being a missionary. I´m especially liking our area because of all the member help that we get, we pretty much work through members and nothing else. 

We´re still teaching José and Jesús, and they making a lot of progress. José relapsed saturday night and drank with some of his buddie, it was really discouraging for me. We´ve worked so much with him and seeing him drunk bummed me out, things like that happen he ended up making it to church on sunday so it´s okay. I´ve defintely seen a big change since we fasted with José, I´m certain that before the end of this next transfer we´re going to get them married and baptised. They´re so close to doing it, we watched the Restoration with them this week and asked them if they believed Joseph Smith was a prophet and they believe our whole mesage and everything. On thursday we´re going to go with the ward and have a family home evening in their house, pray for José and Jesús please!! We´re also teaching a man named José Agip he´s not a member his wife is but he hasn´t been baptised for some problems in the ward. He had an accident about a month ago when he was driving his three wheeler with a trailer and cut his achilles tendon and messed his foot up pretty bad. He´s become really humble and has been listening to us this past week. Pray for him too! Other than what´s going on with our investigadors nothing really that crazy has happened this week. I´m happy and healthy and enjoying the mission. 

This week on Sunday we got to give talks which is always the best, I´ve gotten to really like giving talks. Today we went and played soccer, that´s pretty much the Monday routine now we always play soccer. Thanks for the letters that you sent with the drawing from Joel, Evan, Eli and Eva. Love you guys and i´ll talk to you next week!

-Elder Connelly

ps I sent two picture one is of the ceviche that our pensionista gave us for lunch and the other is of the money we took out of the bank the beginning of this month.

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