Monday, August 19, 2013

Por fin estan progresando!

Wow the mountains look so green in the pictures that you sent me, the wild flowers look really cool too. That picture of the family is awesome, everyone looks about the same except for Ava ha. My mission already e-mailed my arrival date? That´s a weird feeling, a lot of the elders from my group are going home early like Elder Sampson goes home the 29th of this month. I´m glad I didn´t shorten my mission, I´m learning so much still everyday here. Dad thanks for getting all my school stuff squared away, it´s the best knowing that I don´t have to come home early to study and that you already signed me up for classes. What classes we´re you able to sign me up for? I´d be excited to make a trip down to Moab and do some mountain biking, hopefully I´ll have a little bit of time to do that. 

So this week went well, my companion had his birthday on Tuesday and the members threw him a surprise birthday party. The members here are really cool and love the missionaries. Then on Wednesday we had exchanges in the zone and all the elders were with other elders that aren´t their companions. I was in an area in the zone named Latina, it´s a tougher area because the people there are wealthy and the elders there have to work with members. It was nice to get out and preach in a different area for a change but I like my area a lot. In the interchange they set a baptismal date for August 4th for Rosa, she went to church yesterday and is progressing. Her husband is inactive but he also went to church with her on Sunday. 

Our investigadors are finally going to church, and we had a breakthrough with Hermana Gladys. We´ve been teaching Gladys for quite a long time now but she never commited herself to going to church. We had a lesson with her on Thursday and taught her about the sabbath day, she finally understood how important it is to keep the sabbath day and at the end of the lesson in her prayer she promised God that she was going to go to church. On sunday she made a lot of friends really fast and one of the members in our ward is a friend of hers that she knew before. We´re also trying to help this one hermana get married, she wants to get baptised and her daughter is a recent convert. Her birth certificate is in Chota and to get married she has to have her birth certificate we called the elders that are in Chota and they´re sending us her birth certificate. 

Me and my companion are good, I´m learning a ton from Elder Harris and he learns really quick everything. He´s helping me a lot to stay focused on the missionary work. Today was cool because I ran into Elder Cometivos in Chiclayo, it was cool seeing him he was one of my favorite companions we worked a ton in our area and had a lot of success.

Oh by the way your letters got to me! Thanks for sending me them, it always helps to get a letter from you guys. I´m sending pictures of the suprise birthday party we threw for my companion and also a picture of lunch that we had today with the zone. I hope you guys have a good week! Love you! 

-Elder Connelly

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