Monday, August 19, 2013

Obendiencia 7/29/13

I got the package you guys sent me today when I went to the office! Thank you! We´re going to have to put to use the water balloon launcher, my companion thought it was funny that you sent me that haha. I liked the pictures too that you sent, the baby is so cute.
I had a good week, the only bummer was when I had the flu on Tuesday we didn´t tract at all. It was only for one day, luckily my companion has a lot of pacience and I rested the whole day. I feel a lot better now. On Wednesday we had exchanges with the zone leaders, one of the zone leaders is Elder Cabrera he was my companion in my second area. So it was cool to get to go on splits with him and remember when we were companions. I learned a ton with him when he was my companion and we baptised some really great people.
We´re teaching Rosa and her husband Danni still, and Rosa has made a ton of progress. She went to church on Sunday with her whole family and is really excited about the church and everything. We visited them on Wednesday when I was on splits with Elder Cabrera and we taught about Repentance. Turns out that Danni and his brother in law Marcos (he´s a member too) were breaking the law, they sell bricks to build houses and apparently people would buy bricks from them and they would give them less bricks than they bought. They realized it was bad what they had been doing when we were teaching them and they said that they wanted to change and were going to stop doing it. It´s tough because they have been inactive and they don´t give a very good example to Rosa. They´ve been going to church on Sunday and it´s a sign that they´re trying to change and repent.
With my companion I´ve been learning a lot about obedience, he´s helping me a lot to be more obedient. It´s always been something kind of hard for me to be 100% obedient but it´s cool to see my companion make an effort to do it and it´s been helping me to do the same. This week we met an awesome hermana named Elvira she was outside of her house on Friday afternoon sweeping her patio with some of her kids and we contacted her. She let us in her house and it turns out that she´s a member, apparently she got baptised about 15 years ago and they never registered in the church and they didn´t give her the gift of the Holy Ghost either. She seemed really happy that we had come and wanted her kids to go to church as well. It felt good to know that God had led us to her and her family.
Anyways that´s pretty much a summary of what happened to me this week, oh and the Primary President had a mini MTC for the kids in the primary and we helped her out with that and tracted with some of the primary kids it was fun. I sent a picture of that with the primary, it was cool. Thanks again for the package and for supporting me.
Love you guys and talk to you next week! :)
-Elder Connelly

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