Monday, August 19, 2013

Another Week 6/24/13

It`s funny hearing about cub country, some of the greatest memories I have are from cub country with all my friends and the Corner Canyon 2nd ward. That`s cool that that man was able to help you out with the cooler, sometime the Lord is there to help us out when we least expect it. I was able to read a little bit more about what happened to Dan with more details, I`m glad he`s doing well and recovering from the accident.
This week we baptised Olga Sanchez! It was awesome, another one of God`s chosen children was able to join the church. I think I already wrote about her  but she`s about 72 years old, and one of the members in our ward gave us the referral. We starting teaching her about  a month and a half ago and she progressed quicly and now she`s a member of the church! The baptism service went well, our ward mission leader baptised her. She couldn`t bend her back at all to get submirged so we had to use a chair so that she could get baptised without causing any damage to her back. After the baptism she shared some of her feelings about her baptism and said that she couldn`t have been more happy. She already has a lot of friends in the ward and visiting teachers so she should stay active.
Now we just going to try and find new investigadors, we`ve got two prospects but they didn`t go to church yesterday so they aren`t progressing...On Sunday there was a missionary work training that got transmitted to our stake in Chiclayo, it was an inspiring training. The prophet talked and some of the apostles, it pumped me and my companion up to work more with the members in our ward. I liked a lot this quote that "the most effective missionaries act by love" the also said that "good leaders act by love", it`s so crazy there`s  70, 000 missionaries serving full time.
Other than that the mission life is going good, I`m enjoying a ton my area and finally it`s getting a little colder at night and sometimes I have to use a sheet when I sleep.  We played soccer today like we did two weeks ago at a synthetic soccer field here in Ferreñafe. The whole district came and we played with all the elders and some members as well. I`m doing good, my companion is still waiting for his Visa so I don`t know how long I`m going to be with him. Thanks for the letter and the pictures, Bryce looks like he`s really tall now...luckily I`m huge and can still take him haha. Love you guys! Until next week...
-Elder Connelly

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