Monday, June 17, 2013

Matrimonio y bautismos!!

Thanks for the letter, and for the pictures :) I heard about the baby`s new name, it`s Leah right? That`s a cool name I like it a lot, you could have named her Daisy Rose though hahaha. Crazy that Dad is working half time now, what a blessing for the family no? Obedience brings blessing. 

So things are going really well right now, we`re working with some awesome investigadors and the members are helping out a ton with referrals. We`re planning a marriage this week on Friday, Luis Alberto and Maria are going to get married! Then on Saturday they`re going to get baptised with their two kids Jesús and Maricarmen. The family is so awesome, they`re really humble people and have progressed a ton. They aren`t in the best situation financially but they`re willing to keep the commandments and join the church. They have already seen some blessings in their lives, because the dad Luis was out of work for a long time and just recently he got a job in construction. It`s really hard right now for a lot of the people here in Ferreñafe because there isn`t a lot of jobs. Pray for the Cornetero family this week so that they can get married and baptised this week!! We`re also teaching this lady named Olga Sanchez who is progressing a lot and told us that she wanted to be baptised so we set a baptismal date for June 15th and she accepted, she`s about 64 years old and has been going to church  she went to stake conference yesterday in Chiclayo with us. We`re still working with Manuel, we taught him and his family this last week about the Plan of Salvation and taught a little bit about temples. As far as investigadors go right now the Lord is blessing us, me and my companion are doing good he`s still waiting for his visa so that he can go to his mission in Mexico, Merida. 

Nothing to crazy has happened this week other than the marriage and baptisms that we are going to be having this month. Oh and we`re working with Walter Armando as well he still hasn`t made it to church because he is sick, he has a problem with his kidneys and he used to drink a lot before and now his body is having problems. It seems like what happened to him has made him more humble and willing to follow Christ because before this happened to him he didn`t want anything to do with the church.  

Thanks for sending a package :) Keep sending pictures and writing about what goes on at home! Love you guys and i´ll talk to you next week! 

-Elder Connelly

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